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  1. good review brother, it's tough to get everything you want out of a small kit for small price. I just have a bigger kit. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  2. Good review. The biggest thing I noticed is that they give you a scalpel for first aid (even a needle and thread to quick stick if needed), but not one single bandaid?? Not really thinking ahead there. I also agree that I could prob. do better making my own kit, but looking at these little set ups do help to give us ideas at least.

  3. I think this is what happens when a bunch of guys in suits sit around and try to think of what WE need out in the woods…lol

  4. Thanks for doing this review, it is nice to have a few of these out there to emphasize the importance of building a personal survival kit that incorporates items that we prefer and rely on. Not saying that this kit is useless, just that we all could improve upon it with our own experiences and knowledge. You did a great job reviewing this kit and honestly commenting bro! Yes, I would rather have this kit than nothing! This review will help everyone personalize their kits! well done!

  5. Nice little starter kit to mod.how much were found? Good vid bro keep them up

  6. Try using the sparky thing in the right direction. It works really well if you use it correctly.

  7. You were using the sparker wrong, you put your thumb on the side that has the arrow pointing down and then push/pull down, then a shower of sparks come out, its just like a bic lighter, you used it backwards.