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Prepping for civil unrest prepare for riots breakdown of society chaos terrorism economic collapse shelter in place prepping for economic collapse looting after emergencies are preppers paranoid
hi it’s Alaska Granny we think a new
day is dawning How to stay safe prepping yet if you look at the
news there is civil unrest breaking out
all over our country recent events have
made it necessary for people to learn
how to survive the chaos of a violent
protest riot it’s possible that you and your
family could find yourselves in the
middle of a riot even at a football game
crowds whipped into a frenzy it can be
very dangerous try these tips to help
you remain safe should you find yourself
in a violent outbreak riot civil unrest chaos society breakdown terrorist attack blend in the best
you can try not to draw any attention to
make sure the clothes that you wear when
you go out blend in to the event that
you’re attending make sure you’re always
wearing shoes that can help you survive
you never know when you’re going to need
to hike walk or run whenever you enter a
large arena look for where the best
exits are don’t think that the way you came
in is the only way to go out if you’re
with your family or a group of friends
be sure you stick together always have a
meeting place to regroup that you’ve
arranged ahead of time stay informed and
be aware protests and riots may appear
suddenly but there are usually telltale
signs of civil unrest before violence
erupts so stay up-to-date on the news
for the areas that you live or travel
always make sure you’re carrying
identification if you are confronted by
law enforcement in a protest area and
you do not have your ID you could end up
being arrested go with the crowd and
then as soon as you find a way to escape
get out of there make sure to keep the
gas tank in your car at least half full
all the time include some emergency
tools and supplies in your car Live Bivy bivvy emergency sleeping bag Go Time Gear and know
a route to get home safely avoiding any
areas that are unsafe once you get home
make sure you have food water first aid sanitation
and hygiene supplies and the must have things supplies items you
would need if you needed to remain in your home bug in
sheltering in place until the dangerous
situation has passed
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Survival Gear Knife Where Can I Purchase

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  1. I'm curious – what are gas prices in Alaska now? Overnight in the Detroit MI area prices jumped $0.50 a gallon. A little concerned here.

  2. The weekend before Halloween at Great America there were gangs of youths roaming around stealing peoples cell phones, purses, money Etc. And beating people up who interfered. So Glad my girls weren't there that night… They have visited the park earlier in the month because if the Halloween theme and scary house etc. The negativity in the world is getting worse.

  3. I was walking through a mall. A group of teens met me. One looked straight at me and said "You know he has a gun". He was right. There is a lot to be said for looking like you should not be screwed wiith.