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  1. good to hear that the lakeline recoil spring kit wont void the warranty.. I ordered mine right after I ordered my PT111…

  2. Warranty is definitely important and being able to get parts. I just bought this gun I have the g2c version.
    This gun has a good reputation. There are people who have run several thousand rounds without problem, some only a few hundred. I am tempted to get the stainless steel assembly. Even though my gun is brand new unfired.
    Hey come on bro you dont want us to know where live so we drop by for cold beer.
    Thanks for the video.

  3. i had trouble with taurus too…. like i would call checkin on a parts status…..they would pick up n then hang up…….them i called them on my wifes phone n them they answered wtf is up with that "F" taurus their guns ain't all that anyway I'ma stick with hipoint