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look at that but here’s a little ramp to
go in this is a box for loading in the
middle of a lake oh what’s going on guys
JQ from Jeep of me and we are back with
a brand new video and today looking
we’re not at home anymore dude we are
not at home bro we are at a lake because
you guys absolutely destroyed the last
video we got over a hundred thousand
likes in less than a day you guys have
been absolutely killing it Papa Jake
always keeps his promises we came out
here now I know what you’re thinking
what’s this this looks like a pun well
this is actually where we’re gonna be
building the box where we have this nice
little area here we’ve got our boxes
over here and this is kind of like a
launching zone a marina whatever you
want to call it and out there guys out
there is the great lake normally we do
these floating box sports it’s in our
pool but here there’s all these looks
sharks but there’s fish there’s
mosquitoes there’s Paulino alligators
but there’s definitely deadly stuff here
we’re gonna start building this box for
it again we don’t a lot of time so we
want to make this thing as quick as
possible so we can launch it on the lake
and get out there and guys our challenge
for today is to survive 24 hours in the
middle of the lake we’ve brought a ton
of supplies with us we’re gonna make
this thing as cozy as possible we got
lights we got food we got water we’ve
got a shower so it’s time to get
building this thing because we got to
get it in the water but first we need
our floaties let’s so we got our two
floaties here and we’re actually gonna
go for a design we’ve never used before
it’s definitely a tall box for it but
guys the reason why we’re making is so
tall unlike my pool there are waves
there are boats going by so if a big
wave comes and hits the side of the box
for it and we’re really close to the
ground that’s gonna wet all the
cardboard and ruin the whole thing so we
want to make sure we’ll high off the
ground high like a boat I mean like look
Logan’s boat boat I don’t see a
difference either gonna tape them
together so they don’t move around at
all and then we can start putting on the
boxes let’s start building
we use a ton of tape and they seem
pretty solid seem like they’re not
moving around too much so it should be
good for us to start building with the
boxes we just got the floor done and it
is looking so nice it looks sweet dude
we got the orange outline and everything
going so we have all the walls done and
it is looking it’s so awesome we still
got to do the roof but check out the
inside once we get the roof on we’re
gonna make the door as well as windows
and it’s really important guys that we
have windows on this thing because when
we’re out in the middle of the lake
there’s boats there’s sea-doos there’s
all this stuff that could come by and we
want to make sure that we can see will
definitely add some flash to the windows
because at night I know there’ll be a
lot of mosquitoes and bugs as long as we
can look out and see a boat coming
that’s what’s important we also to make
sure we have a hole where we can use our
paddles because we’ve got a paddle out
into the middle of the lake also on a
side note I brought my fishing rod and
I’ve been looking in here and there are
a lot of little fish so hopefully we can
do some fishing off the side of the box
for it and actually get it to work this
she is almost ready to go we definitely
made this one extremely secure and this
is probably one of the greatest floating
box for builds you’ve ever done now this
is ready guys we’re gonna go grab her
gear when I can put her gear in until
we’re out in the middle of the lake once
around the middle of the lake then we’ll
put the gear in so I’m a little bit
worried about the waves but hopefully if
we have the anchor and the oars set in
place it should be okay to hold up
against all that so we just finished up
our lunch break and we came back the box
is looking great so we’re gonna cut out
the windows as well as the doors now and
then we’re gonna get in it let’s make
this door dude we also brought our extra
tube over there which you’re gonna use
to go on like maybe an expedition or
something we don’t know yet but in case
we want to like go out on the water
we’ll have that little rowboat to get
out on and like I said guys we’re also
gonna need to make these windows so we
can see other boats driving by or
anything that might hit us check it out
that’s looking pretty lit definitely
want to be able to close them because at
night there’s lots of mosquitoes lots of
bugs and we don’t want those getting in
so the windows are almost complete time
to fill this up with all of our supplies
oh we got a lot of stuff so it’s good
thing we made this extra buoyant all
right so we also brought along an anchor
which is in here so we’re gonna actually
pull out a rope and tie it to inside
here but I think we’ll do that once
we’re afloat in the box port obviously
if you’re staying here during the night
we don’t want the box to start moving or
pick up with the current and fly off so
that’ll keep us in place hopefully but
we have one problem Logan this isn’t a
big ank our lives are all depending on
this tiny little anchor lifejackets are
a must if this thing goes down we don’t
want it to but in case it does we got
our lifejackets so we’re ready to launch
it we got our paddles here now it’s time
to put it in the water we’re gonna
attach the dinghy to it with our rope
it’s all ready yet Jake it needs one
thing she needs a name she doesn’t need
any we will choose our favorite name
from you guys leave it down below in the
comments I’m not gonna lie to go in
we’re ready to go we have a perfect
docking system patches perfectly and now
we’re hooked up to the Ducks the moment
of truth we’ve got the Dean hooked up we
got the rope there that’s gonna be
keeping it to the box port house the
floating box courthouse we’ve got our
nice little stand here to get in it
Rosie so sick it definitely needs some
cleaning up in here because we just
threw everything everywhere and then
bringing some lighting in this so we
brought our nice little survival pack
here this is actually our shower
sweatpants change of clothing all that
kind of good stuff fuel for our dinner
cuz we’re actually making a fire just
because if we’re in the middle of a lake
it’s gonna be kinda hard to put on fire
so reason propane got a LED lights got
the little lamps on here so those are
some nice ambient light and we’re gonna
put these up maybe up on the roof here
so we get like two cool lights and I’ll
put the control panel on the side BAM we
got the lights on make them different
colors let’s change them to blue we go
check that out guys I’m not sure which
colors the best I guess like maybe
yellow is give us the brightest color
but it is cool you can change it to
whatever you want
okay ready Oh God we’re setting sail now
should you like cleanup yeah let’s let’s
organize everything set up before we set
sail God most first stuff organized
we’re gonna organize the rest of it once
we get out into the Melville Lake but
the Sun is setting so we got to get out
there ASAP I hung up our first-aid kit
hopefully not gonna need that I also
hung up our lights and I got some of our
dinner cookware ready for tonight oh
there we go guys I think we’re gonna try
and get out there as soon as we can so
we can anchor and do like a little
expedition there’s this island pretty
close to where we’re gonna be going we
got a dinghy over there we’ve finally
left the little marina we were in so
we’re pretty far out now in the lake so
once we got to a good spot we’re gonna
set our anchor up we are now officially
in the middle of a lake this is a box
for loading in the middle of the lake we
did it though now that we’re here guys
we’re gonna set up our anchor once
that’s done we’re gonna go straight into
our expedition cuz we wanted to go to an
expedition problem is if we go too late
it’s gonna be pitch-black and there’s no
way we’re gonna find our box for it so
we got our anchor um this is more of
like an anchor to catch on a rock then
it is to hold down the boat 3 2 1 so now
that we got that anchored it’s time to
go on our expedition we’re gonna bring
the dinghy around to the front we’re
gonna gather a few supplies probably
we’re gonna take our underwater
flashlights it wasn’t until after we
departed from the box fort and headed to
the island that things started to get a
little bit weird getting closer and
closer to the island
it was definitely creepy and we knew
that being in an abandoned kind of
Island place in the middle of a lake
nonetheless once we entered into the
island that’s when things started to go
at first we thought it was just normal
stuff the camera kept shutting off but
on top of that we had a massive glitch
with all the sound from the entire
island once we got back home after the
entire trip we reviewed the footage and
found out that no other part in the
entire filming session did the audio cut
out except for the island now it’s
important to note that these were
multiple clips on the island this wasn’t
just us filming straight and the audio
happened to glitch every piece of
footage we had from this island glitched
out we walked around for a bit and
planned to head back and that’s when I
saw some sort of like weird structure I
thought we’d go check it out what we
ended up finding was an abandoned
treehouse now granted this is an island
in the middle of a lake only accessible
by boat after all the weird stuff that
had been going down with the camera
shutting off it was just starting to get
really eerie I started to feel this
weird feeling cat had hair sticking up
on the back of my neck and just kind of
like a scared feeling we got closer and
closer to the treehouse and that’s when
we decided to take a look inside and see
if we couldn’t find any clues sooo if
anyone was living there or had been
there once we got up inside it we
noticed it was overrun with tons of bugs
after spending a little bit of time in
the treehouse and looking around we knew
we had to head back to the floating box
for quickly made our way back to the
boat where we launched off and made our
way to the box for it itself what I
don’t think is a coincidence is that the
next scene after we returned the box for
it there was nothing wrong with the
audio or footage itself alright guys so
we just got back in after that
expedition I never thought we would find
in a bamboo tree for like it was like it
was cool but as creepy man I don’t know
that was probably someone’s hangout spot
guys do you think that was cool or
creepy let me know down below but it is
getting dark out guys okay wait brace
for wave Logan Logan that’s a big one
you know here comes God guys we got a
first Pope passing by quickly so we are
gonna start getting ready for dinner but
I just want to clean up a little bit
more I found this cool flashlight it’s
like really big to like really intense
so this is the camping shower that we’re
gonna use in our box for it pretty much
you fill up your shower bag with water
you put it on the roof and then the Sun
heats up the bag and the water then it
comes out hot just like a normal shower
well so let’s fill it up and get out
there now alright so I filled it up now
I’m just gonna put it on the roof it’s
on the roof gonna heat up there and
we’re gonna have a nice shower tomorrow
morning because this is actually
starting to become such a nice home good
chill out float here enjoy the nice
waves I always say this guys I love our
clothing box for 24 hour challenges
because when you sleep in a floating box
where it is like rocks you sleep slowly
sometimes it can make you feel sick by
the way dude I’m kinda hungry one week
dinner making dinner is not easy we
can’t call Pizza Pizza
we can’t call uber eats you have nothing
we only have the food we brought luckily
we brought some rations guys know our
MREs we use them all the time to keep
themselves with just a little bit of
water we ran out of that but luckily we
actually brought a camping stove with a
propane tank so we’re gonna boil some
water pour it in our new ration pack and
I think for dinner we got some pretty
good stuff this is our dinner only way
to activate and cook it is with boiling
water so unfortunately we don’t have our
MRE heaters but we’re gonna boil the
water on our stove but it also comes
with a kitchen and we’re in the middle
of the lake pop the Jake’s the Box book
got just letting you know we have our
breakfast but this is what we’re gonna
have for dinner we got a spicy sausage
pasta and it’s southwestern style
macaroni so looks pretty good do not
forget we are box for build and
professionals so anything we do do not
try it at home and you’re doing this in
the pool as dangerous enough but in the
middle of the lake definitely dangerous
is if you don’t like it you can go right
out the box for door we have a tea
kettle which not only is great to make
coffee and stuff like that but it’s
gonna be what we use to boil our water
for dinner we’re gonna use one of our
purified water bottles because you not
gonna use lake water even if you’re
boiling it I mean you can in a dangerous
situation but we have got water so now
we take our little propane tank and we
put it in the propane tank holder that
way it doesn’t tip cool girl especially
I want this one we’re on a boat alright
so that’s it just gonna test it real
quick make sure it’s on and again guys
if you do happen to have one of these do
not try to use at home because they are
extremely dangerous in any box for make
sure you have parent supervision when
you’re making your food it’s best to
stay to dry foods there we go and now we
got a gas soap in a box for it so now
what we’re gonna do is take our skin box
put it on top and wait for the water to
so guys we’re just going to hold it
steady now and wait for the water to
boil it shouldn’t take too long
to get the water boiling we’ll know when
it starts to steam up here twelve
seconds late Dale alright guys so it
looks like the water has just come to a
boil so we’re gonna turn off the stove
there we go so we’re gonna carefully
take this off here we’ve got this
southwestern macaroni and cheese so
let’s take our water then we’re gonna
let that Sam for about ten minutes
alright next up we got the spicy sausage
passes so I think this one’s gonna be
mine now we got about ten minutes for
dinner to cook and we’re ready to eat so
we’re gonna dismantle this put it away
safely and then get ready for dinner by
the way guys check this out we were kind
of worrying that bugs might be an issue
well they’re an issue look at all the
bugs here dude they are swarming around
the box port light it is insane luckily
these aren’t mosquitos so like they’re
not really gonna affect us we got some
bug friends up there we started to hear
some news we also heard some wolves
earlier so that’s that’s nice I mean
luckily none of those are an issue I
mean the worst thing that could happen
is a friendly loon comes Bob let’s
change to some dinner lighting I’m
feeling blue dinner lighting bro that
looks nice
all right so we got some blue dinner
lighting going we got our friends the
bugs up there they’re getting more and
more up in that corner it smells
delicious oh man that looks good does it
look oh wow looks good man some beef
macaroni and beef macaroni
awesome man that was good man those
dinners were great although they still
don’t beat the MREs but they were some
good meals it’s pitch black
we’re both exhausted from a long day of
building I think it might be time to hit
the hay I think it’s time to sell our
sleeping bags and get ready for bed I
just got them a sleeping bag chilling
out now I’m gonna turn off the lights
and go to bed we got our anchor in place
I think we’re snug for the night the
anchor hasn’t moved at all so yeah we’re
pretty good we also put a light on top
of the box for we strapped one of our
lanterns up there just to make sure that
if there are any boats on the water at
night they will see us and not run into
us because that would be terrible but
we’re gonna turn the rest of the lights
off and get to bed you ready to go to
bed Jake all right lantern it’s going
off main lights going off and Logan if
you would do the honors
see you guys in the morning
boats just went by right beside us man
I really woke up and for a second forgot
where I was like what is that I’ll be
dying little gay apparently can sleep
the rainy over there looking how did you
sleep last night it got a little cold
last night like at first I thought the
box for was gonna be amazing
we woke up during the night literally
shivering and I was like bro so we had
to change put on our sweaters for our
sweatpants which was fine we brought all
that stuff the anchor kept us perfectly
it just kept us in the middle of the
lake I woke up like a few times when we
woke up to fix this thing I took the
high beam flashlight was like y’all it’s
gonna check to make sure we haven’t
floated downstream and we were
completely fine we didn’t move at all
the anchor seems to hold up the time
anchor definitely highly secured back in
there but it definitely got a little bit
wet during the night by the way guys I
don’t really got to show this off check
out the beautiful morning view this is
what we get to wake up to when you sleep
in a falling box for it on the lake we
have 360 degrees of a beautiful morning
lake and it looks like the Sun is just
coming up guys look at this view
another kind of woken up a bit we are
going bust your teeth because we’ve got
toothbrushes we to set up the bathroom
because we need a morning bathroom to
get ready for a nice day on the box fort
so we’re gonna set that up now and then
after that maybe go fishing I look
actually kind of bad the guys slept in
the box for all night but the mirror
looks awesome just because you’re living
in a box for it does not mean you don’t
have to keep up with hygiene
all right looking good ready for a day
in the box for it I think it’s now time
to do some fishing I’m gonna see if we
can catch some breakfast we did bring
some breakfast rations but we also
brought a fishing rod and I mean unlike
my pool this is the floating Lake box
for it so there’s fish down there and
they need to be calm definitely catch
didn’t release it but I do want to prove
a concept I want to prove that we could
survive here off the land if I catch a
fish now watch me now oh thank god oh no
both laugh I gotta freak down so we have
the fishing rod ready I got our weights
on it I’ve got our lure on it and now we
are good to go out and do some fishing
if everything goes as planned i’ma catch
a fish Logan does not think I can catch
a fish he does not believe that I’m the
ultimate fisherman in a floating box
seats at his lake Dale oh my god what oh
you caught a fish yeah yeah guys be easy
on Jake in the comments she was really
upset he didn’t catch anything okay dude
the fishing rod brochure this just all
fell apart so it was all right you know
it was a good test to see if we could I
definitely could have if we had more
time but we got to keep going here in
this floating box for it before
breakfast we’re gonna take a shower in
our box for a shower at this point of
the day the shower should have enough
sunlight to heat up because shower guys
I never thought I would be in a floaty
box for it in the middle of a lake and
having a shower that was really really
refreshing so now I’m gonna dry off
I get warm probably my sweater and
clothes back on and look at all this
seaweed a lot of very graceful docking
but we don’t the wind really started to
take us out which survived this
challenge man well high five man we did
it we did any for hours in the middle of
a lake on a floating box for it barely
made it home oh I’m exhausted man that
was the longest pal back I did not think
we’re gonna make it the current kept
pushing us back well I think this wraps
up our 24-hour floating box for Donner
Lake challenge we did it it was
absolutely insane and we pulled it off
in style we had a shower we had a
fishing rod we had a kitchen with
everything in there even a bathroom it
was so much fun also this was a really
fun adventure as hard as it was it was
really cool to be out in the middle of
the lake the fresh air so guys if you
enjoy this video and me wants to do more
extreme challenges like this be sure to
smack that like button down below let’s
get a hundred thousand likes on this
video share with your friends share it
with the grandma I don’t care this is my
Papa Jake from T Epiphany
I’ll see you guys next time for another

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