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  1. I am very relieved you took that the way i ment it!! Im sure if we went over my everyday carrys there are things i have missed that could be better/changed. I really like Old Faithful Holsters IWB. Ive had the same leather "backing" for about 2 years and its still in great shape. Ive changed kydex shells a few times, not because the where worn out but because i changed pistols. The one i currently use is a G19 model. It fits my 19, 23, and 30slim. One holster, 3 pistols all of different calibers. Im picking up a G17 from you guys later this week, my bet is that its short(measurement from front sight to rear sight) enough it too will fit. I have a leather galco owb for the 19 and 23. I also have a HSP/Gcode incog for the 19 and 23. Side note….NOT the holster for me!  The best thing about the old faithfuls is that they are really affordable. You can buy them in multiple stages of completion. From complete holster you dont have to mess with to doing everthing including pressing the kydex. I usually go for the formed kydex shell but everthing else unassembled. Takes maybe 25 minutes and instructions are included. Its under 50 bucks, like 48 and change. Shipping if you buy direct from the .com site is more than if you buy them from their ebay store, something to keep in mind if on a budget. Like many, others i have tried, galco, milt sparks, gcode, blackhawk, no namer brands. Old faithful was the company that offered the best economy, concealability, and comfort. Even if i dont have the pistol on me, the holster stays on. No need to take it off and put it back on again. I stays right where you put it for the most part. If you went all day, you may need to readjust a little but prolly wont be much. If you get a OF, you will prolly want to sand the edges of the leather before wearing. They come kind of "sharp" from the factory. 

  2. ohh forgot to ask. XS sights, yeh or neh. thinking about putting them on a couple of my Glocks but reviews are all over the board.

  3. thanks for the info about the sights. I like the idea of fast and easy but I still want to be able to stretch the legs on all my pistols. You know how shooting at the range is. your buddy says,  "hey, bet you can hit …….fill in the black" and you say bet you I can, and Ill do it with my non dominant. I think ill keep my three dot config I got going on. ne ne nenenenene……ne ne nenenenenenen……..nenenenenenene……OOHHLLAAAYYY. (mexi carry theme music) just in case you were wondering

  4. Very informative vid. I basically run similar edc. G27, knive, I5, and a g22 mag in my truck. I carry my g27 in a iwb hybrid holster. Keep the vids coming man!

  5. I'm still looking for my ideal carry gun, but i never leave the house without my boker, a cheap cell phone, first aid(geared toward bleeding control), and a watch(i prefer fossil, very comfortable wristband). So very similar to your set up, very informative, great video.

  6. I can not say Thank you enough for making this Video.  You are right, there are a lot more out there but the gear they show is Crazy Money Gear.  Great work on the video.

  7. G-code incog iwb holster is the best holster I've owned so far. It is pricey but if you can drop money on it I highly recommend it.

  8. Finally someone showing how they carry at work I appreciate it. Where most of us are the majority of the day.

  9. Great video by the way why you dont Try the sig m11-a1 15 rd plus 1 in the chamber it comes in a reaaly size.

  10. Thanks for the video. My EDC is pretty basic and simple too. Years ago I tried to EDC a bunch of stuff but it was just too much. God bless.