14 thoughts to Survival Gear List For Home Buy Today At Discount At 9:42

  1. This kit would mean a lot to me if anyone no were I can get one ,I would be grateful ,it has special meaning to me.

  2. The kit shows how important a cutting tool and fire are. If you have survival skills that little kit could get you home. Knowledge is the key, and I am sure soldiers are trained in survival. Thanks for sharing it with us. Interesting.

  3. Check out Jeff Quitney presentation of a USAF Mountain Survival film. Demonstrated this kit in use, after a panicked aviator looses his main survival kit down a hill and has only this minimum survival kit in his parachute harness. Interesting training film.

  4. That's hilarious! A condom…last ditch survival???? WTH!!! lol
    I guess you boys can't survive without on of those!!

  5. Thanks for the vid. I’m surprised at how basic the kit actually is, especially in this day and age. Granted it’s the complete last ditch kit. The compass seems to be really good, the fishing kit, sailcloth needles, and I like the fact that the kit says to use your parachute and cords. I think any kit, no matter how basic should at least allow the user to survive for at least 72 hours, but as the man said, it’s a minimalist survival kit to get you out of a pinch, thus something is better than nothing.