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  1. Dump the monofilament. It degrades fairly rapidly. For a little extra, purchase the new braided lines.

  2. hey the 'melting' issue with the fake worms is just caused by the material in the worms. they have bad reactions to other plastics. i've found that if you store them in most sandwich bag i.e. ziplocks, it protects both the worms and the other gear.

  3. Almost all(if not all)of the Survivalist videos I've watched on youtube are made and presented by people with American Southern accent.Coincidence?

  4. You do know that 50% of America is "south"… Right? That's almost half……..

  5. Honestly i dont see why people store all of this stuff. What are they planning to happen. If a catastrophic disaster actually happend we would most likely all be dead,or at least people near where it happend. These people live their life in fear of something horrible happening. It is kind of sad.

  6. Oh,you mean the people who drown and had to sit on the roofs of their houses for rescue workers to come and get them. There is no preparing for that buddy. Unless you get to some type of high ground,you are not surviving a flood.

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