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hello and welcome back to my channel
this is Biddy from Biddy gaming and
today I want to show you an other
product that I found and bought from a
Chinese market you can call it eBay and
call it Aliexpress there are several
other similar sites but they all kind of
send the same stuff this time around we
are going to talk about one of these
survival kits that you can find on these
sites as you can see they are fairly
cheap but the real question here is do
they help anyone and who are they
intended for so as you can see this
product here it costs $7 plus shipping I
guess but I didn’t pay any shipping for
it so you can get free shipping as you
can see here are some nice pictures of
the content and yeah that’s kind of it I
guess it had very good reviews this had
to be one of the characteristics of the
product to have at least four stars
and at least 2025 good reviews so I can
bite otherwise I won’t touch it okay so
we thought further ado I will unbox and
review this product for you and at the
end of this video we are going we are
gonna draw a conclusion if this is
actually helpful and of course the
category of people that this is intended
for so stick with me guys be sure to be
back with the review alright guys
welcome back so this is the actual
review of the product as you can see I
already removed it from the packaging it
wasn’t much to show
into that aspect just a cardboard
envelope with some bubble wrap inside of
it so it arrived in one piece it doesn’t
have any kind of damage to it as you can
see so let’s take a look at what this
contains all right I’m gonna open it now
let’s see this is supposed to be a
waterproof container I’ve seen this type
of containers on eBay and they run for
about three bucks each but if you are a
little bit patient you can catch these
containers a smaller price range if you
get them on sale or something like that
so this one is from fervor fox but that
doesn’t say anything necessarily it does
have accuracy code on it which I didn’t
tested to see where it’s I’m always
afraid to do that with Chinese products
because they contain actual virus and
stuff like that so I’m not going to see
what that leads to the box itself has
two holes here for I guess for lanyards
so you can catch these to your backpack
or your belt loop or something like that
and it has multiple clips it has one two
three four clips on the outside that
keeps this field let’s call it now let’s
open this one by one and it does seem to
hold air in all right so it has
cushioning material here that should
keep for the items inside safe before we
go into the box let’s discuss a little
something first which is for me every
survival kit should contain at least
five very essential item
this is in line with the five seas of
course and those five items should
contain should be actually should be
composed of one at least one cover
element one cut into one piece of
cordage all right so they’re free
already one container and one combustion
device this is the magical five items
that will keep you alive in any
situation if you have these five items
in any of these survival kits then you
have a chance to stay alive and actually
get rescued by someone or to get home by
yourself but that’s a little bit more
unlikely but you can keep yourself alive
if your kit contains those five
essential items all right that being
said I think we covered the container
element already this being a seal type
container that is waterproof that means
you can put water in here and although
it’s plastic well for a survival
situation you will have to take the risk
and drink that water without boiling it
because if you drink water that is not
boiled it will keep you alive although
it might give you divers germs and
bacteria that could cause some damage to
you however you will be alive enough
said about that so the container is the
box itself one of the Seas is covered
now from what I see here already we have
one of these cheapo credit card type
cutting tools that comes with a sheet
and inside a sheet you also have a list
with the various functions of this
cutting tool
so if we turn this around try to prove
this so you can see it each one of these
parts of the tool has a number to it and
if you take a look here all of these
numbers have a function attached to it
however from experience I had two or
three of these I received as gifts for
my friends for my family and honestly
they never cut you can open bottles with
them but don’t try open cans with it
because it’s not going to work
this one has a rudimentary edge here and
here and also has a saw here so earlier
after unboxing this whole thing I’ve
tried to cut a piece of wood that wasn’t
that big as you can see from the marks
here who need but it even cut a stick so
but I’m pretty sure you can open a
bottle with this bottle opener this is
not sharp I can pretty much grabbed my
finger anything it’s not going to cut me
this has a little bit of a tip on it
maybe it can open a can and then this
screwdriver head here seems to be team
enough to work with most of the screws
that you might encounter but for the
rest of this you have a little ruler
that I think it’s in the metric system
you have this radius here that should
help you orientate yourself like a
little tiny compass or something like
using the Sun I don’t know I leave this
up to your discretion guys if you think
these things are worth it
they’re like 90 cents anyway
so you can buy some and try for
ourselves but as I told you this would
be my third or fourth one that I have I
was every time disappointed with these
little things except from the fact that
is a little bit of piece of metal and
matter is always good to have with you
in a while because metal is kind of get
to get kind of hard to get sorry I will
not stake my life on this little piece
of stainless steel okay so let’s put
this aside here then we have one of
these little Souls we all know what the
souls are male basically there are a
little bit of a chain if you can call
this a chain it’s more like steel wire
it has two holes here that you can put
your fingers in or you can put two
sticks in and you can try had it three
try to cut some branches off with this
finger again I leave this at your
discretion guys if you like this kind of
items again they’re like a buck only way
to this type at least you can find more
expensive ones they can get up to 25
bucks but a saw is a saw and I don’t
think that wires like this can be
considered so so that’s that and that’s
the second item they get here so I’m
gonna put here in this place our cutting
tools now I do see here one of these
survival whistles let’s see if it works
so these kind of works but it’s not very
loud by any chance if you open this here
you get a little bit of a container
where I guess you could put some matches
but I don’t understand why they didn’t
do that in the first place so they
should have put some matches in here as
this is a survival key that you should
just grab back by it grab it and go with
so I guess they forgot to put something
in here or a small you know fire steel
but in any case and I think it’s
somewhat water resistant because it has
one of these little offerings made out
of rubbery material that’s supposed to
keep water out of your little container
and it’s pretty much the same with the
rubber that you have here on this edge
of the box so let’s call this a
knowledge non-essential item for
survival but something that you can
signal with well as I said is not very
loud and it doesn’t have the combustion
part to it which usually you find on
this kind of whistles if you go ahead
and search on eBay for survival whistles
survival Arminian whistles whistles
whistles whistles then you will find the
kind of the same stuff that you see here
but with a fire on this side or some
matches inside and some cotton balls so
this is to me is an incomplete item but
again let’s call this a signaling device
then put it here and now
another tool another multi-tool okay my
tripod is acting today so this of course
has the pliers okay they are spring
activated if you can see the spring down
there it seems to have a wire cutter in
there and needlenose seems to be quite
aligned the best test for this would be
of course to try removing one piece of
hair from my are here and if it’s
visible or not that’s right another one
you know this one so longer so is
visible so it can pull out a hair out of
your arm so this is basically the way
you test if the needle nose of the
players is aligned properly and this one
it is now let’s look a little bit at the
rest of the functions that it has of
course it has one of these hearings you
can attach it to something then this
looks like is more flashlights quite
bright bright and it’s the twisty kind
which is more watch battery these are
quite good actually but you have to be
careful not to put them on full sleeve
or otherwise you’ll just consume all
your battery and then on this side we
have some multiple tools this is a
serrated edge which serrations are not
very sharp this is some kind of bottle
opener with a small screwdriver here
this is so thick that you can put it in
any screw so I don’t know exactly what
the meaning of this is
okay inside that of you we have another
blade which of course is not sharp
all right and then you have the Philips
screwdriver which is a it’s not 3d but I
don’t know I guess it could work in a
comment down below guys if you like this
multi-tool because I don’t I’m pretty
sure you can find this also for a buck
or two on eBay
and to be honest to put your life at
stake for these little things I mean I
think if I squeeze it long enough I can
break it down because I can feel it in
mind that it’s really breaking in but
anyways so I’ll put this alongside our
other cutting tools so we have free now
why not let’s have our 4 o’clock alright
this is a little bit more interesting
this I actually like a little bit of
those little
belt hangers I think they are cold
they’re used by Alpine climbers and
stuff like that
but usually they’re a little bit bigger
than this and they’re razor-sharp and
this one clearly is not it has an edge
put to it machining to it but
unfortunately this edge is dull as hell
so you can’t probably do anything else
the idea however is very cool
the pivot that keeps the blade to the
rest of the knife looks quite strong I
have to look over the camera to see it
on it again this is a GP little knife
maybe out of all of these that you see
here this I would keep because it’s
easily to conceal in a pocket it also
have to cut the bottle opener right here
and if you pick up a rock or something
like that you can sharpen this really
really well because it already has an
edged cutting surface on it and you can
probably sharpen it a little bit and
then hold it on a leather strap or
something that leather belt leather
boots you can also use for strapping so
yeah another cutting tool that’s what
this Mac as it was and the places back
on this little bag here
and I think this is it with the cutting
tool so we have basically four cutting
tools here for our tinder processing
trap processing wood processing again
and this which I can’t achieve to any
specific function but in any case and
could maybe unscrew something and I
remember reading summer that there is it
this one can actually be used as a
survival hatchet in a pinch just place
it like this so stick and tie it with
paracord and you can use it for chopping
but I really don’t see that happening
with in any case so next item again not
something essential by any means but if
you’re alive wine lover you’ll be
thrilled by this so this is basically a
corkscrew opener with a little metal
thing here and I guess you can use two
cheap rocks with like this never a big
fan of that myself but if any of you out
there are survival purists and like to
work with stone like chipping stone
creating edges edges from stones and
stuff like that then maybe this is an
item for you you can also find this and
buy separately but for this little thing
that we have here this little survival
kit I wouldn’t pull that in there not in
a million years because it’s not one of
the essential five Cs
next on the list and I think last on the
list we have here something that might
be useful if it works one of these
little compasses button campus right and
from what I can tell slowly but surely
it actually shows north from my location
which is great let’s shake this a little
bit let’s see if we can do the trick
come on don’t be shy oh I mean he’s a
better stable surface a minute
hmm it seems to work for the for the
first time but now it just doesn’t do
anything anymore
actually it stabilized again so it
working it does show north after a while
declare this as a useful item it’s also
one of the extended seas it’s part of
the 10 piece kit it’s called of course a
compass and it’s used for navigation
mountain rescue advice mountain mountain
climbers skiers and so on to have one of
these in there 10 piece kit so I guess
I’ll give this a go right put this as
useful now what else do we have here
the last item in the box if we don’t
consider this bag a separate item
doesn’t have a hole in it but I mean how
much water can store in this shit sorry
I see this test word in anyways so oh
this is another lighter alright
rather torch so it does a little bit of
light for you it also comes with one of
these key chains which is really nice
you can add this to your keys I guess
it only has one function and if you not
pressing this correctly they’re going to
lose your patent is this is actually
another one of the extension 10 piece
kit or the 10 C’s which is candling
device so we’re gonna put this here as
well alright so that’s it guys for 8
bucks you get all of these things and
this pretty orange box alright
now let’s discuss a little bit about who
is this survival kit intended for well
to be honest with you guys I picked this
one up because my kids saw it on the
Chinese market and he wanted it maybe
because it was orange look at the price
eight bucks said okay now that I look
right at the items inside of it I think
this is going to be useful for me to
teach my kid a little bit of handling
maybe a knife or a multi-tool because
these are inexpensive okay and they are
not sharp so I can trust in these that
they are actually not going to cut but
in the same time I can teach my kids how
to hold it in his arm and how to operate
open late or even this tiny little saw
that we have here alright when I can
teach him that these are just toys and
after he learns how to use them a little
bit better and he comes of age which in
my opinion should be nine years old for
a boy to be able to correctly maneuver a
cutting edge
or a multi-tool for that reason oh and
of course how to navigate using one of
these kind of compasses and that to my
opinion is who this box is meant for so
if you want to teach someone how to use
any of these items then these are cheap
enough so you can buy them and have no
regrets when they break basically the
box is really nice you can really put
different stuff in here for example I
would use one of these boxes if I can
find one again but empty without the
other crap in it for our toolbox or
something like that I would buy a couple
of these to put nails in them because
the material seemed to be thick enough
and you can actually put a lot of nails
in these things all right so yeah this
is very good in my opinion the box
itself then I also keep this alright
let’s make it a bit of room here and
show you what I would keep so up I would
keep the box
I would keep this because it’s a very
interesting concept
alright I would keep the whistle I would
keep this light I would keep this button
but on campus and I would keep this
multi-tool the rest of the crap that you
see here I would show them away because
they are useful they are useless sorry
they’re fucking so I will get rid of
this and keep only this here and with
them I’m going to try to teach my son
how to use a multi-tool cutting edge how
to signal with you we saw how to
orientate itself using a compass and of
course this is a playful little thing
one hurting
so there you have it folks
this is my opinion on this article
fervor Fox survival comes in a box so
once again thank you for watching if you
like what you see here smash that like
button it really means a lot
please subscribe if you want to see more
from my channel and thank you very much
and have a nice day
$8 Survival Kit Unboxing ! EDC Woodcraft Bushcraft Outdoors Gear !

In this video , we unbox and play around with a cheep Ebay survival kit . We ask the question , is this worth the value and who is this for ?
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Survival Gear List Ideas Buy In Online Store

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  1. $8 Survival Kit Unboxing ! EDC Woodcraft Bushcraft Outdoors Gear !
    In this video , we unbox and play around with a cheep Ebay survival kit . We ask the question , is this worth the value and who is this for ?
    $8 Survival Kit Unboxing,Taras kul,taras,origamy768,survival gadgets,gadgets,survival,Unboxing,Survival Kit,Survival,$25 Survival Kit,survival gear,survival kit unboxing,science,experiments,camping,survival kit,survival kits and bug out bags,survival gear,Survival On Purpose,survival videos,bushcraft,camping,bush craft,bushcraft gear,camping gear,survival tools,survival kit,Boy Scouts,brian stevens,survival kits,altoids tin survival kit,bug out bag

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