14 thoughts to Survival Gear List Ideas How Can One Shop At 5:39

  1. I personally do not like gerber. and will never own one. That said, I still look forward to your reviews.

  2. It is unfortunate that they do not make them in plain edge. I am not a fan of part serrated blades.

  3. is the machete the only one that is carbon steel? if the fixed blades are carbon I've definitely got some interest in buying them.

  4. I like that fixed blade with the incorporated fire steel and sharpener. I always wanted to incorporate a small kit into a knife sheath.
    And as far as Bear Grylls is concerned, a lot of it is ridiculous, but if you think of him as an entertainer first, an educator, a distant second, then he is watchable. Doesn't matter though, he is done with the show.

  5. Ok. Not to beat a dead horse, but is the machete high carbon steel, or high carbon stainless steel? I've seen it advertised both ways. Websites often mislabel high carbon stainless as a high carbon steel.

  6. First, BG didn't fake anything, the disclaimer was always there. His show stated when and if he got help. Second, his show was about having no choice but self rescue. Third, he already signed on for new show. Fourth…yes, better knives out there…and everyone has a different opinion pertaining to what they are. The BG line are decent quality knives at a fair price. If you want extreme toughness, spend the extra cash. The debating on YouTube gets old people. As for this video, good review.

  7. I know several people who had the parang break on them, just using them for basic machete purposes. Not a good sign, IMO.

  8. you can get a mora knife for less and its a hell lot better than these tools. strong, nice to sharpen. gerber knifes. blunt too easy. hard to get a sharp edge. metal is too brittle. there are vids on here showing them snap on first usage