12 thoughts to Survival Gear List Ideas How Can We Purchase At 15:51

  1. Again Good info. I like how you compare warfare movement with movement of a family group in a bug out situation.
    Keep up the good videos!!

  2. great show !I would like to add that many preppers are able bodied fit men who are into survival .As someone who is disabled I think most people just assume in shtf situation that the elderly and disabled will just die …I fully intend on at least trying to survive ..I have my portable chair (My regular chair is a cumbersome electric wheel chair that requires a lift ) loaded in my van and a bug out bag…for me bugging out may not be a viable option for obvious reasons…so I will do my best to shelter in place unless of course it is a natural disaster or forest fire …I think prepping is even more important for disabled people and I am sure there are other disabled preppers around youtube ..I think more should be thinking about this 
    Thanks for the awesome show and great advise !

  3. Been going through all your videos from the beginning, Very Good stuff. I haven't seen any videos on what kind of car/truck/van I might consider if I have to bug out. Is this something I should think about? Im due to buy a new vehicle at sometime, was wondering what your thoughts were. Thanks again. God Bless you.