Survival Gear List Ideas How To Buy

hi,am Natasha.
am the founder of dirt.
today we are going to be making a glass bottle light.
we basically got a special glass cutter.
so if you would like to even cut your own bottles you can definitely come by to our store.
a you could just check us out on
and we would be really happy to cut it out for you because we have ideas to reach everyone and help them to up cycle almost every thing that you have in your house.
so this is the wine bottle that i have cut.
for this to decorate it you basically need first glass paints
we gonna do a drip technic i kind of liked it
and so we required brush just to control the flow of the paint.
and of course finally for the life you would require
this is regular light holder that you could get it at any store
and this is just a two wire
we have made an LED light but in this case this will always do
because its very important when you making this
to see that the heat that is produce by your bulb can escape
so in this case see entire base is cut
a a regular incandescent bulb that is a regular bulb will also work
in fact its good it gives you light 360 degree it gives you very good effect
so am gonna use pink orange and red
why because a.. they are nice bright colors
so you would want to put sheet of paper below so that it would care of whatever drip comes down
so as if i was saying these colors you have get they are nice and runny
so …the ideas just allow one drop its actually going quite well by itself
but if you think its stopping in some place and you wanted to go faster then ya you just increase the num.. number of drops in the same line
and the magic continues
also you want to take care of these bubbles because it totally dis not look nice
its always kind of better if you use colors from the same family they just blend more beautifully
its quite pretty effect don’t you think
so wherever there a space from lower first you gonna just add in then we are gonna trace it all the way up
am done actually now am just gonna add the bulb the light to it
so this is an LED lights which we have design a.. this an one Walt LED and its has in built driver over here
a…whats unique about it is it can be fitted on to any bottle
just like that tighten these screws this is your up cycle down lighting.

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Survival Gear List Ideas How To Buy

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