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all right. what’s good everybody we are
live this is how to invest slash flip a
hundred dollars and create a six-figure
business pretty much I’m down there I’m
gonna show you live a studies live proof
I’m not gonna ramble off I’m not going
to make up things to impress you or
anything I’m gonna show you how you can
use a hundred bucks several hundred
bucks and turn it into something
magnificent that you could be proud of
you know pass down to your children and
it could take her the next few
generations are longer depending on what
you what else you teach your kids all
right so I’m gonna share my screen and
then we’re gonna get to we’re gonna
commence the proof okay I’m gonna show
you about us I’m gonna show you what you
can do to turn yourself into something
great as well okay so just pay attention
let me share my screen everyone all
right so you guys should be looking at
my YouTube screen all right now we’re
gonna go over there Google you guys
shouldn’t be able to see my Google okay
yeah you can see it all right good
so Who am I if you’re on my channel you
subscribe you already know who that is
but uh I’m David Robertson the owner of
effort job trade school at the job
Enterprises we own a lot of property out
we’re in actual school we position
ourselves as a school we don’t position
ourselves as some kind of course you’re
seeing me through you too but everything
you see through YouTube isn’t some kind
of make money online course but we do
teach that we’re gonna teach you a lot
of things at the school but today you’re
gonna learn how you can turn 100 bucks
it’s a something way bigger think six
figures you want to think on a different
playing field alright so first let me
position myself so you know I’m not some
boy scout
why don’t I say we position ourselves as
a school well if you come over here the
same Lewis this is why I’m proud all
right you can see that has a hundred and
forty searches per month this is a free
keyword tool called keywords everywhere
you can download that at the google
chrome store yeah is it helps you pretty
much go after good keywords that you
want to rank see if you’ll be able to
get traffic once you’re ranked at the
top of those and everything like that
okay so we teach real estate one of the
things that we teach in school so we
teach virtual wholesaling we teach you
how to open up a real estate lead
generation agency meaning you’ll get
paid to generate leads for real estate
agents or wholesalers and we also teach
you how to do a home what we call it a
home tail model which is similar but
different than Airbnb way better you ask
me of course I’m gonna say that though
anyway as you can see were the number
two spot so we gave students on
autopilot so this isn’t some sales pitch
or anything like that I’m just giving
you guys you know a way out I’m going to
show you exactly what we show other
students okay so anyway you want to flip
but again hundred and ten searches for
this st. Louis real estate school we’re
number one for that we’re number one for
that so you can click on it right here
and at least to the site okay there are
three thousand five hundred sixty-seven
real estate millionaires that makes it
go that’s where I’m at right now created
from every job trade school okay got the
locator on there anyway so I just wanted
you guys to know that we’re actually a
real school there’s a nice of BS and we
get students on autopilot and the
students become successes the ones that
listen to us so you can take a several
hundred bucks and roll into school and
go hard do everything we teach you to do
have hand held services be able to have
unlimited text coaching
and everything like that so we teach
real estate we teach SEO we teach
affiliate marketing we have something
called affiliate marketing survival kit
alright and we’re opening up the fitness
franchise from home section we have the
culinary arts section or you learn how
to you know pretty much cook and open up
a restaurant and all of that go hard
then we have the music production
section that were rolling out so it’s
really a school if you had to compare it
to something you would think more of
Full Sail University if you know that is
Google all right so take a look at this
cooking class in st. Louis that gets
1300 searches per month 1,300 searches
per month is seriously where ever yet
alright so as you can see we’re number
two for that okay so we we actually do
this we practice what we preach very
white style okay alright so how did you
know I’m gonna show you one more thing
that super cool community colleges in
Yuma Arizona
take a look community colleges in Yuma
Arizona we’re number three right there
we’re ranking for college college so
imagine the mentality of the students
that we give so this is why I say you
can take a hundred bucks and turn it
into a six-figure per month I wasn’t
just saying per year you can turn it to
a six-figure per month business if you
go hard and if you’re very strategic and
smart with what we teach you inside
school so what are we waiting on right
now what are we working on right now
that proves that you can get to six
figures per month or six figures a year
alright let me show you so right now
we’re doing something called dethroning
billionaires and what I mean by that is
we we select a franchise or an entity
there’s worth billions and we go after
them as far as competition even though
we’re not worth billions we have
technology on our side nowadays you can
use technology and be on the same
playing field as the people that used to
spend millions just for a couple of
or at the Super Bowl you think I’m
sanding with the invention of YouTube
social media and all these different
platforms you can do the same things
that the bigger boys are doing all right
so that’s what that will allow us to
grow exponentially all right so what I
want you to give to your head today is
partnerships the importance of
partnerships all right if you want to
grow with a viral type of effect you
need to be able to be skilled at
partnering with people not always
thinking of the dollar upfront this is
what we’ve mastered which is why were
able to grow I’ve never been to Yuma
Arizona but I have a partner there okay
and we’re ranking in the place that
we’ve never been and we have many more
to show you okay so let’s go over here
so right now we’re working on a lot of
you guys might have Comcast cable you
might have a spectrum charter you might
have a DISH Network DirecTV or something
like that well I’m going to show you
what we’re working on we’re about to
become a major competitor of theirs and
then some we will overthrow them and
there’s gonna be so fast that they want
to see it coming all right so take a
look all right so this is Independence
Missouri once again I don’t live there
but as you can see is 110 searches per
month we did a partnership we’re almost
at the top we’re already getting calls
for this take a look at that number I’m
going to show you that number a little
bit later you can write that number down
if you want to the matter of fact if you
want some cables or handing it go ahead
and give it a call that doesn’t matter
you don’t have to be in that area all
right but anyway so this is a
partnership all right take a look at
this all right this is brand new
partnership as well we’re in Albany GA
on the way up there we go right here
number four and we just started this so
we’re in multiple cities now watch this
i screed in it but we’re number one for
high-speed internet in albany GA
crazy right all right let us try
Internet service idle York City no no no
wherever yeah but that would get my
sleep hmm
well as you can guess New York City is
gonna be super competitive but we’ll be
up that song anyway we’re in the
crapload of cities man we’re in a
crapload of those cities let’s try I’m
gonna let providers Granite City here we
go right here those are guys okay and we
did this the what I’m trying to get you
guys and see is that when you know how
to partner right well you know how to
make moves right you can grow in a super
fast paced okay
so we’re working with our people we’re
working we’re gonna are with our people
and we’re able to grow so everybody that
partners with those are getting paid a
crapload of money as well
once everything marinades and the calls
start coming in this one is the one I
think it’s been bringing in the most
cause so far alright and here we go
number three right here okay so another
thing another project were working on is
this private jets which if you know
anything about it one flight is
thousands and thousands and thousands of
dollars just across the country the
houses in fact could be up to like 48
thousand dollars depending on the size
of the jet so we’re working with with
companies that big okay so my point is
we teach this inside the school I just
wanted to position let you know is not a
game that you know that emphasize trade
school we teach you how to do big
if you’re in a real estate section your
closing deals your closing virtual
wholesaling deals your generating leads
on your own you know how to do that
free and paid traffic okay if you’re in
the SEO section you already know that we
have the guarantee that if you don’t get
coins okay that’s my phone if you don’t
get clients by a certain point will
actually be your client what do I mean
by that we own a lot of different local
businesses so let’s say that you tried
everything you can on inside to get
clients and you just can’t seem to do it
I don’t know how that would be possible
but let’s just say that that that worked
out that way all right so you would be
able to have the opportunity to do
marketing for one of our locations so no
matter what you get your ROI on what to
put in the school okay
so yeah and then you have the
opportunity to partner with us let’s say
that you’re trying to pay per call or
you’re trying to do lead generation for
businesses and you you’re not good at
ranking or you have no idea where to
start or something like that we will
partner with you on one of these
projects and we’ll do all of that
ranking stuff and technical stuff and
once you start saying when you come in
you’ll be super super encouraged and
super inspired to go out and kill it and
do it your dad himself okay so these are
things that we’re teaching inside the
school these are the reasons why our
students are super successful now the
only way you can not be successful is if
you get in there you just literally sit
there it just sits on your computer you
don’t check in you don’t do nothing you
don’t message anybody you don’t use the
customer support that you get or any of
that that’ll be up to you but if you
guys invested 100 bucks into this before
the month is out your whole life is
different that’s a guarantee for those
of you that go hard remember I can
really guarantee a certain amount of
money according to law and all of that
extra stuff so whatever I’m not gonna
guarantee a certain amount of money
according to law I fine because if you
get in there and you don’t do nothing
you won’t make still
is with every other course or whatever
you didn’t sign up with before if you’ll
do nothing with them you want to make
anything so you need to fix your habits
if that’s the case but if you’re ready
to go hard and you just looking for
something that’s real I just literally
showed you a whole compilation of
rankings and real business and
legitimate stuff there’s actually out
there in the world generate money and
partnerships that we have an effect
right now okay let me show you now watch
this watch this
brethren watch there’s brethren okay
this is our JV page this is where people
go to partner with us when they need
help you know
ranking or if they need money in farbe
their brand new don’t know anything
about internet marketing and stuff like
that this is where we go to partner so
we split things 50/50 right there okay
so we’ll do the ranking in our ledee we
partner you just help with the tracking
of the progress of the location and
everything so take a look this 158
partners and there’s only happened
within what the Beneke beginning of this
year like this is not no years or
anything like that so pretty soon we’ll
be in every city will have an Internet
service company in every city every city
so how long will it take to overthrow
our competitors being that we’re
actually masters of SEO and all they
know how to do is maybe PPC you see what
I’m saying so this is what we teach you
on inside of the school is not difficult
at all so you pick a niche so I have a
video in there that shows you over like
two hundred and thirty something
different niches that are not saturated
because of your own YouTube and you look
at its SEO and how to get clients and
all of that everybody is gonna tell you
to just go after real estate agents go
have the plastic surgeon go after garage
door repair
go after chiropractors the same most of
lawyers and all that dentists
the same niches well that sucks you know
I’m saying I don’t want to happen I’m
not gonna teach you to go after the
competition because guess what if you go
after something that’s saturated the
best way you don’t get clients then is
you have to do something super
outstanding as far as getting results
you have to do something super
impressive because they have their pick
every marketer in the world has been
cold calling them but if you have these
niches where they’re not really getting
cold called or their phone isn’t blown
up as much or something like that and
they have high ticket you know products
or services is very easy to show them
value and show them a whole new world
like aladdin and Jasmine you know I’m
saying all right so this is different
you know it just give you an example
scuba diver serving scuba scuba diving
certification if you go on the website
in Orlando
let me see Scoob okay which one had
prices advertised I want to keep you
guys too long but I’ll just give you an
example because a lot of these all right
here we go take a look at this this is a
niche that nobody on and YouTube is
talking about ooh
scuba diver certification all right look
at this man 399 per student this is an
Orlando all you have to do is target
cities where people go swimming and
diving and all that stuff a lot and you
can go out and talk to these people not
go out your house but what I mean is
send them a Facebook message they’ll
answer because they’re not getting
bombarded by marketers because nobody is
thinking of doing SEO for scuba diving
instructor alright but as you can see
their services are high ticket look at
this see my send my private classes six
under bucks per student all right and
the class will have to the floor student
type all right look at this private
class is 899 per student this is the one
that I will try to get client a students
for and you can do like some Facebook
ads to people that are in Orlando right
now are thinking of visiting to Orlando
or you can just Frank in our land oh
because like I said the people that is
ranking right now are only ranking
because of the algorithm but there’s no
really professional SEO doobs or
anything like that in this niche we go
to the sites they don’t look all that
fantastic or fancy and definitely don’t
look all extremely optimized they might
have a good website designer but you can
tell by the optimization of the site
that is not an SEO working with them
look at this take a look and not trying
to talk bad about I’m just saying that
the niche is so uncompetitive that is no
SEO is even thinking of trying to like
work with you guys these guys but as you
saw from the prices they can make a lot
of money if you put them at the top or
if you run some traffic – okay so this
these are things that I teach you in the
school is a whole crapload of niches
like this inside the school
think about skydiver skydiving that’s
super competitive I’ll show you
look it has 3600 searches per month and
it looks like it’s only one competitor
that you want to deal with which is not
good because they are already only one
unless you’re trying to start a company
from scratch if you’re into that type of
thing they’re cool but let’s go thank
you look skydiving look it is a huge
city and there’s only one damn page one
page of competition you have you pretty
much automatically ranking alright so
this is what I’m talking about so I
teach you let’s say you
okay you’re either a barber or a
hairdresser or something like that and
you wanted to open up your own shop you
can sprout locations all over the United
States super fast and this is what I
teach you inside the school now what do
you mean how can you be in all these
locations at once
well you begin these partnerships like I
was showing you I watch this when this
is just an example you know whatever you
do you do carpentry whatever you do is
there was just an example I’m just
showing you okay now watch this son a
name alrighty
have I ever been Anderson South Carolina
no I never have
all right look at all these partnerships
all the yellow ones are all partnerships
people that I’m partnering with and all
of these different locations and these
are all internet service providers that
we will be sprouting now okay so this is
what I’m talking about if I logged out
up here and logged in to my other gmail
accounts me and I think the light will
stop so and the other one we have like
20 30 other ones still pending and
waiting for the verification so I’m
showing you you when they say your net
worth is determined by your network is
no exaggeration is is really true okay
it’s really true you create these
partnerships and you have a skill you
can teach your skill through all these
different areas create like a little
quick course or something like so let’s
say that you do do the hairdresser thing
watch this this is this is what I teach
inside school alright just so you guys
can be confident that you’ll know what
to do so let’s say you’re in Nebraska
but you know you’re ready to spread out
okay you can make a partnership with
somebody in New Jersey now what do I
mean by that watch this pair services
these are people that do her hair
extensions special needs you hired them
Irving okay so you can partner with them
so you can rank in Irvington and then
you can
in them the jobs all right and you can
hire like four or five people from the
same area because the phone will be
ringing with people setting up
appointments 24/7 all right you ain’t
got to pay them nothing out of people
are going to pay on the website and
that’s what I teach you on the inside so
they’ll come to the site they’ll pay and
then you’ll set up a PayPal where you
paid them and then they go do the job
and you can do that in multiple multiple
multiple multiple multiple multiple
multiple multiple multiple cities and
all at the same time hire somebody to be
over payroll so you don’t go crazy
because like I said you can grow this in
less than six months you can be in
hundreds or thousands of cities within
six months being profitable a hundred
percent property all right and you can
do all that is on the bucks because I
teach this in the school so it what what
after the after you get into school how
much money do you need cuz a lot of
people want to know that let’s go back
Google we click on this alright so where
are you gonna online on it which six
section of a school will you learn all
this obviously you’ll learn it in the
SEO section okay alrighty so so choose
who you are new students or returning
students when you you know when you get
your a password and enroll you will come
there and you would click returning
student obviously and put in your
password but this is where you go get a
new student SEO enrollment now watch
this get a high paying client or will be
your high paying client I was there for
you irresistible offer so remember we
have local businesses all over the
United States and this is how we can
make such a guarantee like that because
is there’s no other so called gurus that
that are doing what we do we actually
have offline businesses we actually have
like local directories and all of this
type of stuff
so our businesses feed our school this
is why students can get in and have
almost immediate success because we have
contingencies set up for if you are
having a hard time if you’re not able to
really you know do the work so but you
have to go hard okay so we’re still
setting up a new tour of the class don’t
by the time you guys come on here it’ll
be a new tour on there so it says first
ever NCO staffing agency to increase
student earnings so what is the SEO
staffing agency alright so remember like
I said oh well we’re focusing on our
businesses pretty much like um as you
saw we’re trying to grow out the
internet service provider business right
now that side of things so we’re trying
to grow their super fast so let’s say we
need you to be over a certain location
we would choose you if you’re good at
doing the work inside the school we’ll
choose you to be over a particular
location so you have no fear once you
enter here they become a student okay
how do I know I won’t get I can get SEO
clients okay we got over 30 maybe even
close to 40 now different methods such
as like the interview method like that’s
best super awesome and the results over
the phone at the that we teach in there
okay so but you’re going to get clients
okay but let’s say all else fails you
prove that you didn’t try everything all
right and you know I have a client well
then we’ll either give you one of our
clients because we’re not really trying
to deal with claims anymore we’re
actually trying to hand them off so the
students really if it’ll give you one of
them are will be your client if none of
them are available we got moving
companies we are all type of stuff that
we need marking and for that we’re doing
a Pendleton a marketing on and it would
be a stress reliever to hand it out to a
student that we’ve actually trained
ourselves and you know exactly you know
what what to do and how we like it and
everything is awesome we don’t mind
giving students away I mean giving
clients away are
coming to client okay so include step by
step SEO training videos to rank
yourself and claims so a lot of courses
as well I say we’re a school I see a lot
of courses they teach you how to get
clients but not how to keep the clients
because you you you’ll get the client
but then oh shit after the first month
like you haven’t really got them results
they’re like oh no like hey I thought
you said I was gonna be ranking by now
or I thought this was that day alright
so we show you how to get them super
fast results and step by step SEO
training videos there’s hours and hours
of training lessons interviews and all
of their type stuff okay so for certain
packages you get laptop provided so the
laptop will come with it okay with
certain packages of course okay if you
paying a hundred bucks a measly we’re
not gonna give you a free laptop like we
don’t even know if you’re gonna stay on
that all right all right let’s be
reasonable I but you do get like for the
hundred bucks you do get unlimited text
coaching support with the option to Dave
with Dave there’s select packages as
well so what’s a day with Dave soon to
be a day without the job because I’m
that takes a lot of my time a day with
Dave is four to six hours where we do a
zoom meeting or a Skype meeting you
share your screen I share my screen and
I literally walk you through any
obstacles that you may be having until
you have full understanding of success
we don’t even get off until you know
exactly what you’re supposed to do next
and that’s why there’s one of the main
reasons a lot of our students have seen
super rapid success because of the day
with Dave because anybody can give you
some videos but if you don’t know how to
follow him that’s why I said at the
beginning if you guys can go hard and
you can follow them step-by-step then
$100 I option is awesome but if you need
hand-holding then you might want to
consider a more hand to own approach but
all adoptions give you unlimited text
coaching to make sure you never get
stuck okay alright so screen share
walkthrough assistance to overcome
brain clarity then get a client
guaranteed or will be your high paying
client so that is how it works okay so
then we have the prices right here this
is the $97 one that is includes hours of
SEO training unlimited coaching and
partnership the five grand a year 499
4999 a year remember this is positioned
as a school where you know so I know
you’re looking like oh my god if you
feel like that dang get the 97 but with
these two like we get to meet up we get
to see each other we get the bike I
actually walk through these things and
share real you know real life you know
experiences and actually you become part
of who I am and vice versa okay so this
is the time for you and CEO set up so
they will pick a certain niche that’s
going to guarantee results we’ll do some
research on that then that one and then
we’ll go hard trying to set it up doing
the SEO to it
alright then that one still includes the
text coaching screenshare training and
the option of partner and it has you
know the school as well so you have a
school as well didn’t fit everything on
that okay then this is the day with Dave
this is ten grand
yearly remember it’s positioned as a
school I know it might look high to you
because you’re watching this from
YouTube but if you’re Kylie if you’re
looking to be a college student and you
find us on Google and because we’re
ranking for college remember colleges
are hundreds of thousands of dollars
before you graduate and you’re in debt
okay so when they see something like
five thousand dollars a year or ten
thousand dollars a year from Google when
when you see that when you’re looking at
colleges you’re like oh hell yeah that’s
super cheap boy for school you see what
I’m saying so this is the other job
trade school you learn a trade a skill
and then you go out and you do things to
make the bills alright so a day with
dave has full features of the school you
spend the day one day you have access to
the SEO staffing agency
you have the partnership that we partner
on okay so what are the frequently asked
questions why aren’t there any refunds
for the school well there aren’t any
refunds because there’s no possible way
for students to fairly return the time
and knowledge that we invest in our
students let’s say we do a day with Dave
as four to six hours out of my day and
there’s still a super discounted offer
like I’m the owner of a school right
okay so if you wanted to try to get back
at me or some crap like that in some
weird situation how would I get my time
back how would that be Fred you see what
I’m saying so that’s why this is not a
course this is not some cheap stuff we
we actually teach our students you’re
actually gonna be hand held you’re
actually gonna be able to text us at any
time and well between the hours of you
know what it says up there but you’re
gonna be able to get answers on tap it
does never happen for you before with
anything or you wouldn’t be on this
video right okay all right which package
is the free laptop and prospecting
software included it does yeah we have
some prospecting software we don’t do
too much box type stuff but this
software is awesome and it helps with
generating leads for SEO all right so
the answer is the second and third
enrollment package includes the laptop
and software because it means you’re
serious about your success yes if you
pay the four for 997 or the ten grand I
know you’re serious you you’re trying to
meet up you’re trying to do all of that
extra stuff that go hard you know pretty
much like mastermind type level stuff
okay so of course you’re gonna get a
free laptop in the software and we’re
gonna throw everything we can it to make
sure you’re good but even with $100 a
month option you’re still gonna be
success it’s just more of you dig and
deep and doing it on your own okay but
you still have guidance remember you got
the unlimited text coaching and you have
the option to partner with us on a like
a type of business venture so you’re
going to make money even with that one
you’re still going
what we wanted to do was make it to
where is no possible way other than you
just sitting there and not doing nothing
at all we wanted to make sure there’s no
way on our part that you can’t meet
success you’re going to make money if
you implement any of our methods you’re
going to learn you gotta go hard okay so
another question how is it possible for
the school to guarantee clients to list
to its students but answer every job
teaches you countless of creative and
unique and fun methods to get clients on
your own so remember I say we got like
30 to 40 something different client
getting methods including the results
over the phone or that I bet to method
or the the referral and swish method or
the interview method man you guys have
no idea okay so who but yeah so let’s
say all that you do all it out man which
is hard to believe they say you did all
of them and you still ain’t get no clam
all right well if they don’t work for
you we give you our clients after an
approval process after you can prove
that you can rank and do the little
tasks that you’ll need to do for in the
client well just give you one of ours is
that damn simple I don’t mind cuz you’re
my student and I know that you know what
to do you’re just having trouble getting
someone to say yes and that’s okay
alright so after that let’s say we don’t
have any clients available in the in the
staffing agency section which is well
you have the option to do marketing for
one of our many local businesses that we
own as well so you’re I mean I just
don’t understand how you wouldn’t be
able to make money here like I don’t
know God type of comment in the chat
like you know type of comment under the
video or in the chat if you see any
holes with the SEO section of the school
let me know I mean cuz I want to make
this better I’m not trying to be cocky
or anything I want to make this supreme
my taco I want to make this the best
ever school
not just some kind of internet course
type I want to take Harvard out the
water I want to take I’m gonna take
freakin Yale and all of them UCLA I want
to blow all of them out of water pause
okay I want to do all of that so if you
guys have any Bibles
any problems are our suggestions to make
the school more irresistible as far as
enrollment go ahead and let me know let
me know cuz we already beat the
college’s out in price but I want to
beat them out in value as well because
most colleges you can go and get to the
greedy and all of that stuff and you
don’t you you don’t even end up doing
any work in the field that you majored
in you know I’m saying so we are ready
to beat that out but I still want some
increase the success rate go so go ahead
and let me know in the comments what you
guys think
alright if you have any suggestions okay
which package is the most recommended to
shorten the wait times to success okay
there’s another question I get all right
well this answer depends on your ability
to focus and your level of patience if
you are the type to listen and then make
things happen then you’ll do fine at the
first option which is the $97 one
remember I told you you can flip a
hundred bucks and into six figures
really easy in there but let’s say you
are more like a take my hand first you
know if you are the type to listen then
you’ll be fine it there one at the top
alright but if you wish to skip most of
the technical skills and have more of a
handheld experience choose the second
the third option I meant to say second
or third option but yeah you choose that
one you know you choose one of these now
what do you do
let’s say oh Dave Dave I don’t have that
much shot okay I don’t I don’t have a
type of money on it hey none of y’all
greater can be worse than mine’s was I
got a bankruptcy at 24
okay so you got credit cards no excuses
I don’t want to hear well
still stand on this remember that’s what
this is about 100 bucks okay but I’m
just saying any one of these right here
you can like super like fly pass
everybody else now if you’re you’re good
if you’re smart or if you already have
experience that you just needed that
extra edge just go ahead with the ninety
seven and you can if anything else you
know when you make money with this one
you can always upgrade so one of the
other ones and meet up with us because
this is more of them you know get to
meet up a person or or do things
together more personal and and all that
stuff but if you just want to go hard
and you know you can do it and just go
hard with the Magna sever all right all
right so what have you get stuck on
something well remember unlimited takes
coaching this is the number that you
would text right here and in fact text
enrollment questions right now if you
have any enrollment questions and I’ll
answer them right now while we’re like
okay I don’t answer them right now while
we’re live
but yeah Sunday 12:00 to 5:00 p.m.
Saturday will close religious purposes
Monday through Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.
so this is not some place you’ll enroll
to are some course that you do a payment
button and then your money and there are
all hopes and dreams disappearance or
the vast openness of a wasteland this is
it this is nothing like that this you
you you get walk through everything ok
and you get a high paying client or will
be your high paying plan okay that’s
just how it goes at the average I trade
all right so I’m not gonna keep you guys
long if you’re on YouTube watching this
click the link in the description to go
ahead and roll at the $97 option so I
can show you show you how to flip that
and turn it into a six-figure per month
business alright all this fails 6
per year which is still not too bad
right okay so I will show you that go
ahead and click the link in the
description if you watching it from
YouTube if you want something from
Facebook the link or the number should
be there in the comments or on the
posting you can just go ahead and text
enrollment questions and then it will
get you set up to where you can get
access to the school and get to making
alrighty love you guys

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