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  1. A fixed blade like you have on the table, bring your hinderer, fire starter, leatherman and a few flashlights should do it. Dress appropriately and have a shelter, know your terrain and have a gps and working cell phone too.

  2. I'd also bring a few changes of clothes, socks, footwear, gloves, hats, sleeping bag, food, a whistle, space blanket, phone number to the local emergency services.

  3. Also tell some people where you are going and how long you'll be away and arrange to check in with key people at predetermined times.

  4. My first choice would be a fixed blade in a sheath. Definitely. If you are looking for a folder, I'd probably do a tip up knife that sticks up out of the pocket a bit, and set it up with a thick paracord lanyard so I could get to it with gloves on. It would also have to have either a spydie hole or a thumb disk for me, so it would be workable with gloves.

    I'd order a fullsize, Emerson Commander. Maybe even a Super. Very glove friendly design with wide spacing to the thumbdisk.

  5. Full size knife, gun, and HD mutlitool. You should be set. Shoe snow chains are on sale on Amazon, you might want a pair. They go by the name "Yaktrax Walker Traction Cleats for Snow and Ice" I haven't used them but the reviews are good.

  6. Obviously go with a solid fixed blade, flashlight, firesteel, and multitool

    But carry a strider SnG or SMF as your folder.

  7. fixed blades. in the cold, steel becomes more brittle, therefore i would opt for strength over mobility/comfort. even for small tasks. ~lifelong minnesotan

  8. big ol fixed blade. because they are easier to use with gloves on. multitool. and a snow shovel. duhh

  9. glock shovel swiss army knife firesteel.???????????something to boil snow in and hot chocolate packets.

  10. snowpants,nice gortex jacket,large fixed blade,fire steel, 4 wheel drive car or truck,shovel,snowshoes if needed, 2 way radios,or avalanche beacon, pistol at least .380 or better, and a good attitude! Have fun