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  1. @rlmarin1968 have not tried denatured yet, but will try.
    As far as HEET, there is a red and yellow bottle, did you use the red bottle? Some don't know you must use the yellow.

  2. @johnmonk66: I have used the yellow bottle. Everyone swears by it, but I truly believe that denatured alcohol works better…may be just my perception, but to each his own I guess. =)

  3. "Live like you have a pair" brilliant. Thanks for the video. I'd like to try this little stove.

  4. my husband and i like to go backpacking for 2 or 3 days tops on weekends. we have always just eaten cold food. i wanted to gt a stove so we could have some warm dinners. a lot of people say this is a great stove for ultralight and day trips, but would you choose something different if you were going for a couple days and had to use it for two people? thanks for the help

  5. There are several option you can look at. Depending on the food source, number of people you are cooking for, and outside weather all have an influence in the decision. For my wife, daughter and myself on a trip I have come to love the Jet Boil system. Its not in the ultralight category- but is lighter and more efficient than other systems.

  6. how is its windproofness? (if thats a word lol). i saw one of these at my local store and was very interested, for now im using esbit tabs and my canteen stove, but i have to fashion a windscreen as a gentle fart will blow out the esbit. also, how many ounces would you say it holds? (thinking so i can gauge how much id have to pack depending on days).

  7. "Windrroofness" …. yes in our language- we'll take it…..
    Simply terrible— it is a great stove if you are really working on cutting ounces– but I found what I saved in ounces on the stove- I made up for in fuel… I like the Esbit option and used it for years in Europe and the US. It doesn't spill- fairly easy to light- and can double as an catalyst to an emergency fire.