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summer safety survival gear stay safe outdoors camping hiking picnic
hi it’s AlaskaGranny Alaska Prepper
welcome to summer in Alaska rainy windy
weather is bad take you inside Granny Camp my Alaska off grid cabin
finish my video on summer safety
summer safety survival gear must have items for outdoor activities
things to take with you whether you are going out for the day or
for longer come inside Granny Camp Alaska off grid cabin
to finish this conversation on must have summer safety survival gear items
summer is a great time to spend a lot of time
outdoors but there are a few items
that you need in your summer safety survival kit gear to stay safe
no matter where you are headed heading out for the day
make sure to bring pack water drinking water
bring enough water so that everyone in your group
has a supply for themselves
if you are heading out into a really remote area
get a water bottle that has a built in filter
so you can scoop up fill it with wild water and it is still safe to drink safe drinking water
make sure your water bottle has a purifier and filter purification not just a flavor filter
for water that is from the tap safe to drink already but takes out
distasteful flavors in already safe to drink clean city water
if you are heading out of doors pack snacks there is something about spending time in the outdoors
breathing fresh air makes you hungry
next you need a first aid kit
whether you put one together yourself or buy a first aid kit already put together at the store
bring the first aid kit along make sure it has the basics
of things like bandaids ointments gauze hand sanitizer kleenex wet wipes eye drops
if you are going to be outside and its summer the sun is shining
you need sunscreen and insect repellent bug spray
the weather can change
at any time make sure you
bring an extra layer of clothing
something to warm you up when the sun goes down
keep you comfortable should the
wind or rain come up
you might want to bring emergency survival blanket hand warmers
in cold mountain temperatures those can
really make a difference in making you
enjoy your time outdoors hiking camping traveling
in case you are outside longer than you expected pack a flashlight like this USB rechargeable flashlight from Go Time Gear
or headlamp
headlamps are nice because you can put it on and your
hands are free for any task that you want to do
like move branches out of the way
bring pack a multitool or pocket knife
that has a lot of different blades elements on it
those knife blades tools can come in handy for all kinds of tasks repairs
where ever you are
if you are outside outdoors in a pretty remote area
you need to really be thinking about if I don’t come back
in time bring a Life Bivy bivvy bag Go Time Gear
Life Bivy bivvy bag is an emergency sleeping bag shelter
in bad weather or if you are stranded overnight
you can crawl into the Life Bivy bivvy bag and use it as a shelter
one side of the bivy bag is reflective to hold in your body heat
there is a bright orange side to help signal for help
should you be lost injured
Life Bivy includes paracord which is useful in a lot of situations
and Live Bivy from Go Time Gear includes an emergency whistle
signal for rescuers blow the whistle to scare animals away
I have hiked in the desert people were shooting guns I blew the whistle
to alert them that there were people around
so they would look around before they continue to shoot anymore
it is simple to bring a tiny fire starter starting kit
with a couple of matches lighter cotton balls rubbed with vaseline petroleum jelly
if you are truly in an emergency situation
you could start a fire to help keep you warm signal for help rescue
fire starter kit takes up almost no space in your summer safety survival gear
where ever you are heading out in the summer
tell someone where you are going
when you expect to return
if no one knows where you went or when you are coming back
expected to return if something happens to you emergency situation
no one is going to look for you
it is great to spend time outdoors outside in the summer
the weather can change at any time
plus there are extremes deserts are so hot in the daytime and cold at night
sunny summer days in the mountains forest
can turn extremely cold weather in the nightime
hiking in river canyons
can turn into flash floods
learn the risks where you go travel camp hike
plan to be pay attention to those conditions
always make sure to take your summer safety survival gear with you
think of it as survival gear for summer
even if you are just taking an outing for the day
then you will be ready for any emergency situation
no matter what comes your way
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Survival Gear List Wilderness Where Can I Shop

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  1. A handkerchief has many uses and weights nothing. At Granny camp a sealed bottle of bleach and a eye dropper allows purification of water. Swap bleach out every six months. Great video as always. Thanks.

  2. Great tips and i 100% agree. Good tip on bottles like the lifestraw or sawyer. Love the shed!!!!!

  3. Where did u buy that Life Bivy, bag at? I keep seeing on YouTube, it said some part of Alaska have major earthquake are u OK?

  4. That one bag you showed which you can sleep in is one item I don't have and will now be looking for one to put in my backpack. I was in a creek bottoms hunting when I heard this one guy with his dog hunting. In about two minutes I heard a bullet come close to me as it passed and I yelled out to let them know that someone else was out there and the person fired their rifle twice more rapidly and I was very upset and fired my 30-30 rifle about three times and said:" You can hear me now can't you!!" and I heard him call out and didn't fire his rifle again. I figured the round had to be a large caliber round since the area we was in was wooded and I was surprised the bullet didn't get stopped by a tree since there are so many in that area.