7 thoughts to Survival Gear Little Rock Ar Buy Today At Discount At 15:45

  1. Definitely can vouch for the slime kit I bought one back in 2012 have used it many many times it has more than paid for itself

  2. Couldn't remember if you mentioned it, but I always keep screenwash too in my truck. I didnt think about the jumper cables/kit that is something I need to rectify, thank you!

    I've got our dog's crate in the bed of my truck along with a bed topper. I'm thinking for ideas how to make storage "bins" or compartments that can fit down the sides of the dog crate between the crate and the ned walls and over/before the wheel arches for secure/safe storage of gear butI'm too disabled+useless for most hand tools haha

  3. Great ideas. I have a lot of these in my truck, need to get some other things. The one thing that you have that I NEVER will get and that's bottled water. Biggest waste of money ever! Get a water jug and fill it up with FREE water. Nice job on everything else