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  1. Ah, my fellow New York inmate, you have my sympathies. I'm glad to be able to say my dad had the wisdom to get us the hell out when I was still a kid. I like your revised setup. Particularly the butt pack loadout. Also, I just discovered those beautiful little pistol mag carriers last weekend at my local mil surp shop and snagged one for $7ish. Actually works pretty decent for concealed carry too!

  2. Don't listen to anyone that tells you not to comply because those people that tell you that are the first to comply

  3. I would worry more about fighting with a bear or large cat, than fighting with a human. But, hey it's your paranoia.

  4. The 2nd Amendment was written for a reason, and it wasn't for running. Just think, if all the internet bad asses all deciding not to comply to unconstitutional laws, we would actually be living in a Constitutional Republic. But you do you, Long live the Republic.

  5. Why do you people in New York do not challenge that in federal court as an unconstitutional lawcan't figure that one out I see a lot of people in different states on YouTube doing the same thing you're doing instead of challenging the law as unconstitutional