14 thoughts to Survival Gear Little Rock Ar How To Order At 3:46

  1. I also like the knife, but man, what's next an air rifle attachment? thanks for sharing it's an interesting concept to say the least.

  2. Does it come with two steel options? Some retailers list the blade as 8Cr13MoV & some list it as 1095. Either way it's worth the price point. Also, I was wondering if the sling shot arms/handle components were removable as to just carry the knife & sheath? I've not found that info in any retailer description.

  3. It would be nice if Schrade offered that knife in a "without the slingshot" option. Of course, at it's price point one could simply make their own Kydex or leather sheath & still be rather inexpensive. Thank you.

  4. You should have shown the storage compartment where the sling shot band is stored. In your video it seems like that band is always on the knife. Thanks tho

  5. Not sure how good you are with a slingshot but I have this same knife and mine is sure scary lol I sure would not want to be hit by it as it went right thru a 1/4to 1/2in thick peice of pine board

  6. Your buddy probably ruptured some of the squirrels innards and it most likely died not long after.

  7. When shooting with a BB gun or slingshot definitely shoot the animal in the head. Body shots just upset them. The forks on the sling shot look like they are pointed in the wrong direction. Maybe turn it around and the sling won’t slip off and hit your finger. As usual, nice knife! Great video Bryan thanks!