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This is your Icewind Dale DM guide for
the town of Bryn Shander and its quest,
Foaming Mugs, from Icewind
Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden!
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Bryn Shander is a large walled town on a lonely
hill, lashed by a fierce wind that twists its
bright street lanterns, adding flecks of color
to the town’s otherwise drab surroundings.
Recently, friendliness has dwindled with the
number of visitors, and the locals are becoming
more tense, but there’s still no safer place in
Icewind Dale to spend coin or spend the night.
In fact, Bryn Shander is the friendliest
and most comfortable town in Icewind Dale
with the best services available and the highest
population. The town speaker is a relatively young
human noble named Duvessa Shane who leads the
Council of all Town Speakers. Shane also appears
in the Storm King’s Thunder adventure with her
own statblock and helpful roleplaying information:
indicating she’s the daughter of a Waterdeep
trader and a local tavern server, inheriting her
mother’s talent for negotiation with her father’s
charm, and believing she has much to prove.
Storm King’s Thunder has similar
details for Markham Southwell,
Bryn Shander’s sheriff and militia commander,
Beldora the Harper contact of your character
with the Harper spy secret, and other
useful NPCs like Augrek Brighthelm,
a dwarven deputy who gives your party a perfectly
relevant welcome Bryn Shander in that module:
“Well met, travelers! Keep yer fingers and
extremities under wraps, lest Auril bite
them off! Mind yer tempers, and you’ll be most
welcome here! Brought goods to sell? The market
lies straight ahead. Craving a warm drink? May
I recommend a drop of Firebeard’s Firebrandy,
sold only at Kelvin’s Comfort, located on
yer right as you enter the market square!”
And I found it both funny and sad that the town
crest features wheat to signify their prosperity,
yet they choose to sacrifice people instead of
food or warmth. No wonder tourism is dwindling–
even though Bryn Shander is connected to half of
the towns! It’s about 10 hours from Caer Dineval,
7 from Easthaven, 6 from Good Mead
and Termalaine, and 2 from Targos.
Now, Storm King’s Thunder has 14
total Bryn Shander locations–
double the amount in Rime of the Frostmaiden!
So let’s go through Storm King’s locations,
and add the Frostmaiden material as we go.
B1: the outer gates has detailed information
on the trails, towers, walls, and gates including
their AC and hit points, and this is where
deputy Brighthelm welcomes your party.
B2: the stables is helpful for any town,
stating that mounts can be quartered
and fed for 1 sp per night.
B3: the council hall is a non-descript
warehouse for the town speakers to meet in,
that otherwise stands empty, ready to be
converted into a shelter for refugees.
B4: the house of the triad is a large stone
temple built by the dwarves of Kelvin’s Cairn.
It’s dedicated to Tyr, the god of justice;
Torm, the god of courage and self-sacrifice;
and Ilmater, the god of endurance in the face
of suffering– whom you’d think would be pretty
popular right now! But it says the temple’s
keepers usually stay for no more than two years,
so maybe the house of the triad has been abandoned
during the Rime, making room for the house of
the Morninglord: a modest shrine to the sun god
Amaunator run by a retired adventurer, Mishann,
who doesn’t like it when people
confuse her Morninglord with Lathander,
the god of dawn and rebirth! Of course, she’s
currently housing a gnomish acolyte of Lathander,
Copper Knobberknocker, and the two argue
incessantly, which is hilarious because
Copper wears a homemade cold weather onesie
that is written to make him look like a teddy
bear! 🙂 Copper is also the quest giver for the
deadly Black Cabin in chapter 2, but you should
probably hold off on that until your players
can survive a blast of 10d10+35 radiant damage!
B5: the Speaker’s Palace, is an overstatement
compared to actual palaces, but it’s fine home
of dwarvish stone still stands out among the
mostly rough wood dwellings of Bryn Shander.
B6: the town hall is the largest
building in the central square,
reserved for community feasts and gatherings like
the human sacrifice lotteries, plus the basement
contains the sheriff’s office and a jail cell.
B7: the marketplace should probably be abandoned,
but it used to consist of
merchant tents and covered wagons,
where the secret Harper agent, Beldora, would
huddle near strangers to learn what they know,
then use a sending stone to pass information
to another Harper agent in Hundelstone.
B8: Kelvin’s Comfort is the most popular tavern
in town, run by a shield dwarf named Ogden
Flamebeard known for his signature drink,
Flamebeard’s Firebrandy. And this location
includes a knighted member of the order of the
Gauntlet who’s hunting a dangerous criminal.
B9: is the town armory which can only be
opened by Speaker Shane and the sheriff.
B10: is the familiar Blackiron
Blades shop and smithy,
given nearly identical descriptions in
the two modules. Run by dwarf siblings,
Garn and Elza, they sell cheap weapons to avoid
competition with dwarves from Kelvin’s Cairn,
specifically, Storm King’s Thunder says
Garn’s blades are half the price listed
in the Player’s Handbook, but Elza marks up her
adventuring supplies to make up the difference.
One of my most helpful patrons, Ruben,
intentionally gave Garn an outgoing,
extroverted personality to entice his party to
change the bad reputation of Blackiron Blades!
And I love this little tweak because it
gets the players invested in the setting,
AND it will hook them to the quest of
retrieving iron ingots for this shop!
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Unlike Blackiron Blades, Rendaril’s Emporium
is known as the finest shop in Bryn Shander,
owned and operated by– you guessed it– Rendaril,
a shrewd half-elf merchant who learned
his trade in the cutthroat markets of
Waterdeep and sells just about everything.
And Storm King’s Thunder names three inns:
a quiet hostel for traveling scrimshanders called
the Hooked Knucklehead, an old, dirty, but popular
place called Geldenstag’s Rest, and the Northlook!
Also included in Rime of the Frostmaiden, the
Northlook is the most popular inn for mercenaries
and adventurers, the most dangerous place to stay,
and the best spot in all of Ten-Towns
to get leads on profitable ventures,
along with the latest news and rumors. The owner
is a retired human mercenary named Scramsax
who lets adventurers stay on credit and later
charges them ridiculous amounts of interest.
But the most important feature of the Northlook
inn is Ol’ Bitey: a goofy mounted knucklehead
trout that occasionally snaps at guests and
sings a little diddy, and at your discretion,
Ol’ Bitey may contain the lost signet ring sought
by a character with the Ring Hunter Secret.
The Northlook is also where your party can get
the Foaming Mugs quest to retrieve a sled of
iron ingots (marked with the foamy mug symbol
of the Battlhammer dwarves near Kelvin’s Cairn),
and deliver the ingots to Blackiron
Blades! The quest-giver is Hruna,
one of three bundled-up yet frost-bitten
dwarves, with a raspy smoker’s voice
who explains that a yeti attacked and tore
their companion, Oobok, limb from limb!
Hruna offers a gemstone worth fifty gold to each
character in the party, and a second dwarf offers
to buy them snowshoes if necessary. The quest
includes contingencies for what happens if your
party tries to steal the gems from Hruna and
if they refuse the quest– like my party did!
So I enjoyed watching how Nate’s
party on WASD20 live handled it!
But you should consider
hooks besides the gemstones:
like helping Blackiron Blades, a general dwarven
sense of duty, valuable yeti hide or horns,
or maybe… replace the yeti with chardalyn
berserkers, or even the victim himself,
Oobok who finally succumbed to the
madness caused by his own mysterious
chardalyn trinket during a blizzard
that allowed his companions to escape!
Then the search for the sled involves getting
caught in a blizzard (see the arctic wilderness
video) and finding the limbless torso
of Oobok (who’s head is already at the
yeti’s lair on Kelvin’s Cairn according
to the Mountain Climb quest from Targos),
and tracks around the body heading south.
A DC 10 survival check reveals that the tracks
are only an hour old, and that the footprints were
left by six small humanoids wearing snowshoes.
After a half hour of tracking, your party
spots six groaning goblins 120 feet ahead,
dragging the sled toward a twenty foot tall wagon
another 120 feet out– conveniently fitting both
groups in the 300 feet of visibility, but
only during the 4 twilit hours of the day.
Otherwise, your party only hears the grumbling
goblins, until the goblin boss lights a torch atop
the wagon, suddenly revealing this intimidating
structure and the giant angry polar bears!
The goblins will negotiate if
the characters attempt a truce,
which I recommend for small parties, and they’re
willing to trade the ingots (worth 150 gold)
for simple necessities like blankets or rations.
If they abandon diplomacy, the goblin boss is
apparently willing to torch the entire wagon to
escape with her two potions of animal friendship,
which would be very useful if your
characters try freeing the bears.
But feel free to replace one with a snowy owl
bear or another beast awakened by Ravisin the
evil druid hiding out around Lonelywood. And for
a good encounter map, check out the Lonelywood
video which was sponsored by the Icewind Dale
Premium Map Pack available on the DMs Guild!
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