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when to bug in or shelter in place
hi it’s AlaskaGranny
we all have Bug Out Bags, Bug Out Plans Bug Out Locations but have you
ever thought about what you would need
to do to decide
to stay put and shelter in place
what you need to know is
you are most comfortable
in your home you have stockpiled the things you need stocked up on food water first aid supplies sanitation supplies
we are most comfortable when we are in our own homes
we are safer than we would be in our vehicle car or truck or on foot
many times it is safer to stay put to shelter in place to stay home to Bug In
you need to assess 3 things
need to assess what the threat is is it a
fire hurricane a flood
you may have no choice and you have to leave the safety of your home and you have to Bug Out and evacuate
but there are many
times when it is safer to stay put and stay in your home to Bug In
you need to assess am I safe at my your
location am I safer in my home
would I be safer in my vehicle if I left my house would it be
safer in my car do I know where I would go
assess your situation do I have young
children with me
do I have elderly people with me and am I physically able to
do what it takes to Bug Out and
leave my home or location and would I be safer and would those I take with me be safer as well
so sometimes it’s
just safer to stay put
you need to make sure you have the things you need in case you
need to Bug In or shelter in place
so you will be prepared no matter what
comes along your way please prepare so that you and your family are safe no matter what
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  1. There is another name for people that bug out- Refugees. I guess the more PC term that the disaster relief organizations now use is "survivors". Anyway, I'm trying to envision a scenario where I am safer being on the road with comparatively limited resources than I am at my home. I can come up with Tsunami, Volcano, Chemical Spill, Flood, Fire, and Invading Army. The chances of some of these happening in my area are pretty remote, but a couple are still within the realm of possibility.