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The Brownells Emergency Home Kit has everything
you need to ride out a three-day emergency
at home packed inside a durable, polymer storage
trunk that stows easily in a basement, closet,
or garage. This kit saves you more than $50
compared to buying all the items separately.
The trunk contains supplies and gear to meet
all your survival needs, starting with water.
The Sawyer All-In-One Filter removes 99.9%
of all bacteria, protozoa and cysts from water,
and can be used with the included 32 oz. water
bottle, most commercial water bottles, or
hooked up to a 5-gallon bucket to create a
high-volume filter system capable of delivering
up to 540 gallons a day.
For heat and light, there are emergency candles,
a UST Pico Glo lantern, a headlamp and extra
AA and AAA batteries. In addition, a portable
pocket stove will help you boil water and
heat food in case you lose power or your gas
is shut off.
A Midland Crank Radio helps you keep tabs
on weather and emergency alerts, and the Solio
Bolt charger allows you to use solar power
to recharge your phone and other electronic
The Adventure Medical Easy Care All-Purpose
first aid kit helps you treat minor cuts,
scrapes, insect bites and sprains, and stabilize
major injuries like burns and lacerations
until help arrives.
The Mountain House Just-In-Case Essentials
kit contains 72-hours worth of meals for one
person, or one day of meals for three people,
including breakfasts, lunches and dinners.
With all of this combined into one package,
this kit saves you more than $50 over buying
all the parts separately. Like all products
sold by Brownells, the Emergency Home Kit
and all its contents are backed by our 100%
unconditional, FOREVER satisfaction guarantee.

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Survival Gear Manufacturers Buy Retail Nearby

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