9 thoughts to Survival Gear Manufacturers How Can We Order At 22:39

  1. where was summer camp? I'm an eagle scout. live 30 minutes from camp Daniel Boone in western nc

  2. I dono I think it is like my phone if I had to rely on it to save my live I would die before I could make it work

  3. All this for just $90 US plus shipping and handling.

    I know space can be at a premium, but I don't know if I'd place that kind of price on the space. The idea of a paracord bracelet with useful stuff packed into it is very attractive, but the price as is is a few times higher than I'd expect.

  4. Thank you for sharing your paracord videos is a great ideas. The one you have made will save someone life in the woods .Thank you Sir!

  5. $90 !!! LMAO. Just as well you got it for free. Anyone who buys this is an idiot. There endeth the lesson.

  6. Former Asst. Scout Master Grand Canyon Conuncil here, never hurts to explore new tools. That is a bit high priced though.

  7. Nice little kit. Just having a fire starter always on your wrist would give one piece of mind. Great review!