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bug out bag for pets make a DIY emergency kit first aid kit evacuation kit bag for your pets pet care tips
hi it’s AlaskaGranny do you have an
emergency plan and bug out bag for your pets pet care tips
did you know that if you need to
evacuate because it isn’t safe it’s not
safe for your pet to be there either so
with a little planning you can know what
to do because many times shelters will
not allow you to bring your pet so talk to
your veterinarian find out where is a
safe haven where are pet foster homes or
shelters or hotels that allow pets and
make a plan with some of your friends
who live in maybe a different area than
you do in case that’s where you would be
going that if you were coming to their
house you could bring your pet or if you
had to go to a shelter they could watch
your pet get a blanket
pack a blanket if you have a large pet
you probably want a larger blanket and I
have two dishes that I put together one
is for water and one has some food I
also have a bottle of water to go and
that is for the pets because they need
water too so then you can take the
dishes apart put water in one open the
food for the other and then put it away
I also have a little flashlight a leash
and a harness and the reason I didn’t get
just a collar for my pet’s Bug Out Bag was in an emergency you
don’t want your pet to slip out of their
collar and get away because think how
devastated you would be and how alarmed
your pet would be if you became
separated found a keychain that could go
on the collar or harness and I was able to put on the
emergency contact information and attach it to the harness or collar
so right away this is ready if I am separated from my pet it can help me find the pet and the pet be returned to me we also
included some zip ties it for any reason
the buckles would break on the harness collar or leash that this would
hold it so that the pet could not escape
I got some little bags for poop and a
bright bandana to help me see and find my pet
and that in case you want to put it on
your pet and then you can find your pet I also
made a card with emergency contact information about the pet the veterinarian and
the safe haven information and a picture
of the pet also I got a little pan and
some kitty litter to go in it so the pet can
relieve itself and I found a bag it
all of the pet bug out gear will fit in here so put together
an emergency bug-out bag for your pet
and put it with your gear so that you
are prepared everything will fit inside
it will be all ready to go in an emergency if you need to bug out and take your pet evacuate and take your pet
there’s even room for more things in the pet bug out bag if she
needs to there’s room to shove in your pet you have in
your pet grab your pet grab your pet’s
bug out bag and off you go to evacuate or bug out in an emergency situation make a plan for
your pet so they will be safe in any situation leave a comment below of
whatever else you would like to have on
hand to prepare for your pet’s bug out bag and if you
like my videos I hope you’ll
learn more at please subscribe to the AlaskaGranny channel

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Survival Gear Manufacturers Where Can I Purchase

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  1. I would also put in a little bag of catnip. That would be to eistract my cats as needed.

  2. Many of us went through emergency evacuations in 2018: from CA wildfires to HI lava most evacuations were done with very little notice. Dogs did better than cats, horses and other livestock. Cats like to dissapear with environmental changes, even indoor housecats hid and could not be located in under three minutes evacuation. Consider how you can leave in a hurry and provide for ALL your animals safety- Know who to rounndup to help evacuate livestock in an emergency in advance.

  3. I know where a hotel that allows pets is… my plan would be to set up the bathtub in the hotel for my hamster, and have my cat in the main bedroom, and to have a second room with that bathtub for my gerbil, me and my sis with cat and hamster and mum with gerbil, a bag with food/bowls/water/bottles for all three sits by the cages with carriers all set up so when we need to get out, we're OUT. All pets are used to an 'emergency routine', being put in the carriers quickly and taken outside. The rodents don't even wake up anymore. If we had a little time, like it's not a fire, I would grab wheels and a scratching post too of course. but that's replaceable and my fluffballs aren't <3