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  1. I was out in the feild working my my M60 and my Gerber multi tool broke, pliers broke right off, nice video tho I was wondering if a thigh rig would work for me? How's the run and gun with it? Crawling in prone thro brush?

  2. Good call on the single strap! I actually have a cheapo Condor pistol rig that works great for the money. Bought it a couple years ago and after one trip out, I cut the secondary thigh strap off for that exact reason. I draw my EDC pistol from IWB so it translates much more naturally drawing my sidearm from higher on the hip than most other rigs. Also worth mentioning is the "rattle factor" that you mentioned with lower slung thigh placement. Running was absolutely horrendous before the mod where the weight of a loaded pistol had that thing swinging half circles back and forth with each stride. Now it just rotates nicely in line with the hip joint on a static axis point. Last thing to consider is that a human upper leg tapers toward the foot. In my experience, no matter how tightly I strapped that lower strap, the thing would eventually want to creep down and thusly come loose and start the swaying. Sorry for the ramble but it is cool to see a similar opinion on this. Good practical advice from your video!

  3. That doesn't seem to carry much equipment. I was waiting for you to pull out a .45 from behind that other stuff. I would definitely want at least a mid-size pistol option on that rig.