13 thoughts to Survival Gear Military Surplus How Can One Buy At 1:43

  1. I know this video is two years old, but this is why I've been a subscriber of yours for a while. Great content. I always leave with ideas from your videos I can use. God bless

  2. You have tools and some spare parts which is a good beginning. I have found if you have proper tools you don't need a multi tool a that much. A lot of your tools looks cheap, if they break that's god telling you to get better ones. The money you spent on all your extra flashlights might have been better used on a set of wrenches and sockets. If you are working on your Jeep get metric. Only old american cars are standard. Store your spare bulbs in a rigid container, everything in that bag is just waiting to smash them. Good thinking on the spare fuse. Once you learn how to tie knots you will realize those cam jams are a waste of money. It's all a mess in that bag I hope you organized rather than throw it all back in. There's nothing worse than wasting time finding something when you could be done all ready. I recommend a some sort of jump pack and highway flares.

  3. Did you have to modify the blade? I'm talking about the ones that don't come with the leather man. And if so I guess probably just use the Dremel or something. Seems pretty straightforward you could just copy the other implements that it comes with meaning the saw and the file

  4. needs more duct tape 😀
    nah but seriously maybe some tools for changing tires and roadside safety stuff.