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Hello friends. Nice to meet you again
Today I would like to share with you about my new flashlight
This is the packaging of the product
The box is very simple to save money
Now we will open the box
We have manuals
Astrolux EC03. This is the latest flashlight Astrolux of the present time
Some other Astrolux flashlights are in the process of being finalized
My favorite point about Astrolux EC03 is its firmware
Astrolux EC03 uses Anduril firmware so it is very smart
This is the smartest flashlight in the world at the moment
Lots of parameters and settings we can apply to our flashlight.
For example, setting ambient temperature, setting temperature reducing brightness …
Ramping mode we can set a lot of brightness levels with Anduril firmware
If you see the manual is too long then here we have a usage diagram
This diagram helps us to quickly grasp how to use this flashlight.
We have a type c charging cable
Included accessories include: Lanyard, O’ring.
Very simple packaging with a shockproof bag
This is our main character
We can see the design of Astrolux EC03 is quite beautiful, very compact
Good grip
Small grooves on the lamp help increase friction
The button feels good to press
Astrolux EC03 is very anodized, very smooth anode layer
Steel benzel ring
Well finished
Steel bezel ring makes our flashlight more beautiful and prevents scratches when left on the table
The steel’s scratch resistance is very good
The soul of this flashlight is 3 LEDs XHP50.2
3 LEDs are placed very neatly in the light
With 3 LEDs XHP50.2 Astrolux EC03 gives us a brightness of up to 6700 lumens
An extremely impressive number
Khoảng cách lên đến 303 m
A cheap flashlight with very high brightness. But the finishing quality is very good
Smooth reflector
Reflector is very glossy
There is almost no dust in the reflector
There is a bad point in the reflector
The split point of the led in the reflector is not beautiful
This situation we encounter a lot on flashlights that use reflectors for many LEDs
Many flashlights reflect much worse than the EC03
Astrolux EC03 is very well completed
Opposite the button we have a type C charging port
With a Type-C charging port it is very convenient when we travel. We can charge the flashlight with the charger of the phone
I think you should use an external charger would be better
The integrated charging port on the lamp if used a lot is not very good
There is 1 point I do not like is the charging port cover
The charging port cover is very well made
But when we attach the charging port cover
The charging port cover protrudes quite a lot compared to the lamp body. Losing the aesthetics of the lamp
With this design sometimes we leave the flashlight in the backpack it will open the charging port cover.
Water can enter through the type c charging port if left unattended
Here I have another flashlight
Brinyte charging port cover is very nice
Brinyte charging port cover is flat against the body of the lamp
When we put the flashlight in the backpack it will not expose the charging port cover
Sometimes we forget to check the charging port cover that water can get in. Very dangerous
Hopefully the next version of Astrolux will improve the charging port cover
Here I have 1 can of Pepsi. I will compare the size of Astrolux EC03 for you to see.
Astrolux EC03 is smaller than a Pepsi can
Very compact
Very beautiful
Now we will explore the inside of this flashlight
Astrolux offers us an adapter for use with 18650 batteries
A very large piece of copper at the head of the lamp
The large copper plate will ensure good exposure, helping our flashlight to achieve a brightness of 6700 lumens
Some of you bypass the springs, the brightness of this flashlight is even higher.
The brightness can reach nearly 10000 lumens like the one of lumintop using 3 LEDs XHP50.2
This is the thread step at the contact with the lamp head
The thread step is quite thick and has 1 waterproof gasket.
Now we will remove the rest
The tail light is made of small edges by Astrolux
Small edges make it easier to disassemble
We have double springs
The thread step is very beautiful. Completed very well
The thread step on the back is the square thread step.
Pretty much a threaded step
The aluminum tube is quite thick
However, our flashlight is quite light, approximately 180g
Very convenient to carry everyday
Now I will insert the battery and check the charging current on Astrolux EC03
Here I have a 21700 Samsung 40T battery
Please note that with a flashlight with a very high brightness like Astrolux EC03, you should use batteries with high discharge current.
There is 1 point I really like on Astrolux EC03 that it uses 21700 battery
Battery 21700 it will balance the size, capacity and discharge current
A very great option
I have a charge current tester
The charging current is 5v / 1.6A
My battery capacity is still much so the charging current is reduced a bit.
Our flashlight will charge with 5V / 2A charging current when our battery is low capacity
Great. Battery charging time will be reduced quite a bit
Battery charge status indicator. The light is red when charging and will turn green when fully charged.
The design is very nice
In the previous clip I sent you the Astrolux EC03 temperature test
There are not many heatsinks and the heatsink slots are quite shallow, but the usage time of Astrolux EC03 is excellent.
Summing up at $ 36, I rate Astrolux EC03 as a very great choice.
We have a flashlight with a nice design
Compact size but brightness up to 6700 lumens
The Anduril firmware is very smart. We will have a lot of customizations for our favorite flashlight.
The Type C charging port is convenient for travel
We have a flashlight using a 21700 battery that will balance the size, battery capacity and discharge current
Thanks for watching
Hopefully through this clip you will choose a flashlight that suits your needs
See you in the next clips.

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