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  1. Awesome Video Dude. Really Cool. My Personal 3 Knife set up is: 1 Buck Stockman 371 USA In Wood, 2 Buck 110 Lock Knife In Wood, 3 Buck 119 Special In Wood. They are my favourite but there are other Knives that I like and use for 3 Knife options but I think these three are some of the best that you can go for. Let me know what you think JJ. Kind Regards Nick.

  2. i bought the woodsman when i was younger and loved it well it was stollen some time while i was gone in the USMC waited along time looking for the knife never found it to even buy any where till Oct 2015 a farm store i go to had it for 20 bucks i about fell out i bought it didnt even look at what metal was used carried it for about a week forgot my rod in the car but i had a peice flint on me remembering my old favorite was made of 1095 i went on to make my fire i was so embarrassed and mad went back to the store i purchased it from and looked at the package and was hurt that schrade changed the Old Timer series in my mind as farm boy and woodsman Old Timer was a high

  3. oops standard now that knife is in a box in my closet wish i had a old Old Timer id been happy now i just wont buy the old timer series any more Schrade make alot of great knives but let that series go. to bad Peace Pops Bush Craft

  4. Say Heah J J, Yeah, I use to be a strictly a 3knife carry guy. a large chopper knife, a medium belt knife and a small knife. One of my first good 3knife carry was the Rodent 9 which I got to pair with the RatManDu, actually the RatManDu started it all for me..Then I got the Rodent Solution because I like a Convex Edge. Since then my Swamp Rat Stable grew. I agree and I do like a Saw on my Pocket Knife, well I Pouch carry my Puma Warden, same with my Victorninox Delemont Collection Ranger Grip 78 and because of a Awl I have it on my Gerber Multi Tool 600. a Saw, Awl mostly in the bush. But time changes us. I too carry a Axe/Hatchet and a Folding Saw and I still like a larger/smaller knife combo. I just Got the RatWeiler because it wasn't available back then, but I made up for it and got the Rodent 7 and my Rodent 4 which became one of my all time 2knife carry, and I got a similar pair in the INFI Steel. But now with the RatWeiler, I can match the handles that determine what set I take out with me. and I like to match my knives. In the Seahorse Stable I have my Rodent Solution, RatManDu goes into that stable and my Modde Rodent 6 which I had thinned down and the top gaurd taken off and now it look's like a beefy RatManDu on steriods. In my Lightning Bolt Stable are my Rodent 3, 4, 5, 7, and 9 and I have a Rodent Rucki as my Summer Long Knife. I will be taking my RatWeiler out soon and probably will take my Rodent Solution, my Hultafors Bruks 17" Agdor range Hatchet and my Wicked Tough Saw since it's still cold enough and processing firewood is still necessary to stay warm but not cold enough to warrenty a larger axe. Usually we go out and set up a camp and there's someone always around in camp so if I want to scout a area out I don't have to carry everything with me. I also got a couple of new Mora's that I could use as a neck knife and I don't have to carry too much weight when I check the area out. I will take my RatWeiler and my Wicked Tough Saw and one of my new Mira's probably my 510 a Canteen and on my Survival belt. Thanx for sharing a great video. I have a set of knives getting ready in white handle and that set will be my Himalayan Imports M-43 Khukuri (my smaller one) with the white handle my new Battle Horse Attitude with the white handle and my U.S.A. made Schrade Sharp finger with a white scrimshaw handle, Again Thanx.

  5. Thank you JJ for vid. I am using until now the 2 knife system… Maybe you will be laughing when I will tell you which one – OKC USAF Pilot 499 Survival knife + Victorinox Farmer metal scales… 🙂 I have several others and using them for different missions but these two are the old timers and survival workhorses. So now after watching the vid I should start to thinking about the middle size handy knife…:) MS

  6. I use a Leatherman which basically fits the bill of the first knife plus adds so much more as well I have a Schrade SCHF56LM or a Gerber Strong-arm for my heavy blade (I know,they are not top teir knives but both have held up good for my needs)..I currently only have a Morakniv for my mid range blade but plan on getting something like your 2nd Old Timer or a similar buck knife…I use my knives for batoning and I'm not extra rough with them or go out of my way to attempt to break them as some folks in some of the random YouTube videos…lol..I keep a Estwing tomahawk strapped to my pack for chopping wood instead of putting unnecessary stress on my knives…with that being said,I completely understand why folks go with the expensive high quality knives.it is great knowing your knife could hold up to hardcore heavy use if need be…eventually I hope to get a good high quality knife or 2 but I just cant afford to spend $200-$300 on a knife so I will make due with the Schrade and Gerber knives I have for now