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  1. Good video. But i never heard any one say u most have a carbon steel knife to strike a ferro rods. I like to use those little strikers. They work fine.I am sure they are not carbon steel.

  2. oh goodie, here's my .02 cents. Thanks for showing that just about anything will strike a ferro rod including glass hell even your pants zipper will work in a emergency. I myself haven't heard this rumor or myth and I know some people teach that a carbon blade is better in an emergency if you needed to use it for sparks using a rock or flint. The knife makers are providing a 90 degree spine on their carbon knives, including Mora because they realize the 90 degree spine is key to good sparks and also makes a good selling point. I prefer Carbon only due to its ease of sharpening in the field, hence the USMC Ka-Bar which can be sharpened on the dried bones of your enemies ..Okay that's a myth, but anyway talking about myths, do a video on Battoning firewood, everyone nowadays has been told you need to beat your knife through every log you find. Ridiculous the knives that have loss their lives to this silly ass practice.

  3. Didn't read through the comments so not sure if someone has brought this up, but I think people get confused on this because you need a carbon steel blade to get sparks from a rock, like flint and steel. Ferro rod it doesn't matter, but flint and steel requires carbon steel.

  4. Thanks for all the great information! My first knife was stainless steel and came with a notch on the back of the blade for striking a ferro rod, it throws nice sparks too! Blessings and Take Care

  5. I have the Les Stroud SK Mountain from Camillus with a titanium bonded 440c stainless steel blade. It gives me sparks as well if not better than some of my HC steel blades. Even has a special notch on top of the blade for it.

    I think knife shape and technique are what matter most.

    On a side note, would anyone get a Becker BK2 or a Becker BK9? I can only afford one. Purpose: overall survival and bushcraft

    For under $50 knives what about. Schrade SCHF9 and SCHF10 have caught my eye. Anyone know a bit about these?

  6. Today they sell an all in one sparking system. I don't remember the name but it is 8 to 10 dollars at Walmart. You can use it with one hand. It has the rod and the metal in one unit.

  7. Preparedmind101 said it well. As long as your blade has a 90 degree bevel on its spine, you will get sparks. Good vid.

  8. Thumbs up! I only own stainless steel knives and I've used ferro rods for several years no problem. I'm a happy camper.

  9. Why are you using the blade and not the back edge? I just use a snapped off piece of file or saw blade. The sparks are glowing METAL not the rod. Those sparks are pieces of your knife blade burning up.