9 thoughts to Survival Gear Monthly Box Shop Online At 21:41

  1. Nice kit!! Very similar to my own, being an Aussie i dont use a treestand, i prefer to stalk!! Nice work and earned a subscribe… Ill be keeping up to date with your latest uploads.. Cheers…..

  2. Your invited to share your videos on https://www.facebook.com/groups/ARHunting/ and www.msrhunt.com.

  3. i found a good article about how tu pick your prefect bow, how to make one and how to hunting with a bow, https://www.patriotdirect.org/seven-tips-for-bow-hunting-for-survival/

  4. You have way to many things! Choose one knife, you don’t need a saw until hang the deer. A pack should be what you need in the woods and not what you need for when your out. You don’t need all those lights just choose one. But overall nice video I learned some new things to take with me, but that’s my opinion if it works for you keep it