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prepping for seniors how should a senior citizen prepare for emergency situations disaster preparedness for senior citizens and elderly
hi it’s alaskagranny do you have any
senior members in your family have you
measure they have a bug-out bag or an
emergency 72-hour kids very important
that we help prepare those who would be
needy and our families that helping them
begins with a rolling bag see the wheels
on this thing you want to get a rolling
bag because if they have mobility issues
or they’re not as strong as younger
people they can pull it by the handle so
if they have mobility issues make sure
you have an extra cane or walker
whatever it is that they need then
elderly people are far more likely to
become too cold you have to be extra
careful that we keep them warm so you
want to make sure you have a nice warm
jacket you want to have some gloves and
a scarf some extra socks a warm hat a
blanket and then I have a heating pad in
here and it look at medical needs do
people that are seniors in your family
need things like depends make sure that
you have them do they have dentures make
sure they have the things they need for
that do they need medication make sure
you have several days worth do they work
glasses make sure you have an extra pair
have some extra unders butt wipes and
some toiletries think of their dental
needs their shaving needs whatever their
aunt meant what ever it is they may need
talk to them and find out what it is
then a very important thing to make for
the seniors is emergency contacts you
want to be able to put their name and
address phone number all that stuff you
want to make sure the family friends and
neighbors doctors caretakers any of
those people that would need to know
their medical insurance information all
of those things are vitally important in
an immersion
see and what we find if you really talk
to older people is it’s normal for them
to have difficulty getting help in an
emergency because they’ve always been
the ones who have helped everybody else
never wanted to ask for things so we
have to make sure that we help them
because they’ve done everything for us
make sure you have some flashlights and
find foods that they’re actually going
to eat actual dietary needs look for
things without sugar look for things
without salt find the things that they
will eat and try looking for the little
water bottles might have a problem with
eating correctly in an emergency get
some of the things like ensure the
dietary supplements to help keep their
nutrition and I know when my father was
in emergency situations he would be just
a brat but if we gave him candy he would
eat it not that he should but sometimes
we couldn’t get him to eat other things
and it’s important that they eat
something and keep up their strength and
we’ll worry about overall nutrition
another day so remember to think about
things like hearing aids glasses extra
batteries for their hearing aids things
like that if they need them if somebody
is on like uses oxygen make sure that
you’ve checked with the Red Cross where
would that be provided in an emergency
situation throw up some clothes and
foods and meds and any extra things that
your elderly or seen your family members
would need put it in a rolling backpack
and put one in their closet and if
they’re going out with you have another
one in the car because you don’t want
anything to happen to our beloved
parents and grandparents and great
granny and Grandpa’s okay if you like my
videos I hope you’ll subscribe to the
alaskagranny channel have a wonderful

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Survival Gear Monthly Box Where To Purchase

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  1. You have really great suggestions for seniors, you pretty much covered all the necessary items to pack for them , I no longer have parents or any senior family members to worry about but since I am a senior grandpa I guess I need to set up additional items besides my regular emergency gear.
    But it would be hard for me as a senior not to have a handgun just so I can feel better

  2. Don't forget grannies vibrator. She's going to need to relieve stress…there will be a lot of it so make sure you pack extra batteries.

  3. My mother and step father are getting older. I don't live close by to them, but do worry about their health as they age. If they were to visit or move nearby/even stay with me, it is so important to consider their additional needs. I also have a daughter with special needs, and my own special dietary restrictions. Not everyone can eat MRE's or Ramen Noodles. So yes, it IS important to have what people WILL eat. This is meant to last 72 hours, not be a lifetime diet. So if some comfort food is a must, pack it, by all means, and rotate it out. I would try to pack a radio with headphones or some type of cards or entertainment for grandma/grandpa also, maybe a book or a bible.

  4. Wow…this was so helpful. I am planning a video too and decided to see if anyone else had a video out there and ta da, there you were. Mine will be covering a different aspect so may I link to this video to save me from repeating?

  5. Fantastic video and very much appreciated. I don't think I've ever seen anybody specifically Target us seniors in relation to prepping. Thanks again.