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  1. Thanks for the research, I would also recommend a good fitting goggle for the eyes.
    I haven't seen goggles at all in the BOB vids, I was here for St. Helens, half an hour out there in that dust you'll go blind, forms a mud in teared up eyes, Ski or ATV, myself, I'm still leaning on the fire hoods except that they are very bright colors. In a fire situation you want to be seen, in a survival you might not want to be seen. Plus they have a very limited effective protection time.
    The painters Respirators with goggles is going to be the best.
    Without a complete hood the bacteria will get in, the filter won't let it through but every gap, any gap in the face seal will let it in, when turning your head. The velcro on the back sticks to any other head gear, stocking cap, etc. Slowly pulling the mask out of alignment opening a gap.
    Maybe the reason they are not rated for a protection level like the cheap ones is the exhale valve could start to leak with particulate build up on the sealing edge of the valve plus the valve hangs open for a split second during the exhale to inhale pressure cycle.
    Like is said about so many of our prep supplies, anything is better than nuthin'

  2. everything I see about people getting a mask or gas mask for emergencies. but no one ever mentions about the importance of no facial hair. considering how the beard is so popular It should be mentioned so people can practice shaving in 5 seconds so that leaves them 25 seconds to down there masks

  3. Hi JJ. Bought one of these after your review. I am chemically sensitive and sometimes need to wear a mask depending on what's in the air (i.e. cleaning fumes at work.) These work quite well compared to my p95 with exhale valve. Cost is better in comparison. I love the little carry bag and that they fold flat; so much easier to carry in my backpack or purse without crushing them out of shape. The exhale valve is critical for people with glasses as they stop glass fogging. Really appreciate all your videos. My prepping has improved dramatically for hurricanes and other local nasties.

  4. THIS would be a good mask as more like a gas mask long lasting used for long time https://www.dustmasksdirect.co.uk/3m-4255-a2-p3-reusable-dust-mask–respirator-112-p.asp

  5. Around the same time I started getting into prepping was when Mount St. Helens was began to start puffing and become active again in the early 2000's. Had it not I probably wouldn't have thought to include filter masks in my kits.