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  1. yep.. great idea.. strapped a canteen/util pouch to my bottle bag too… great idea!

  2. Hello, thanks for the video! Now, 4 years later, I'd like to know how the Condor H2O is holding up?

  3. Nice kit! Do you still use it? Has it remained basically the same or have you updated it? I'd suggest a Silky Saw, much better than the Bahco Laplander. Great video!

  4. I know you're just showing us your cook kit but wouldn't it be beneficial to have some "FOOD" to actually cook or eat in your kit? You have 18 ways of starting a fire but no small first aid kit in case you burn yourself, or food to cook or eat. How about throwing in some coffee or tea packets, oatmeal or lipton soup packets, ramen noodles, or even bouillon cubes. Do you use the canteen in one of those two additional pouches to actually lug around water in? Think that may be a good idea? I know this video was made 4 years ago so maybe you have updated what you carry in your kit by now. I hope you have. I think it's a great lightweight kit you have assembled. It just is missing a few things. Good Luck

  5. Great channel, I appreciate how down to earth you are. I was wondering if you know the name or a link to where I can find the stanley water bottle. Having a hard time tracking that down. The fact that it nests in the rest is great! Thanks, Keep up the great content!

  6. Nice sack of tools but whereas the food you might take? Coffee, condiments, soups. Your bag looked full, no room for food

  7. Best review on this setup yet. Of all the reviews I've seen nobody indicated whether the water bottle nests in the Adventure cup. Well done!

  8. A single use poncho fits in the small canteen pouch pocket . Thats the only thing i would add to this set up . Thanks for sharing .