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what is up guys
today I blade est were taking a look at
bowie knives- bowie knives? it was
designed for guy named jim bowie Jim
Bowie fought at the Alamo we want to
find out: can you use it for survival
today so we’re gonna take this Condor
Undertaker Bowie we’re gonna send it to
three different youtubers who will test
it in their backyards wherever they’re
at and then they will attach a survival
item to it and send it to the next guy
at the end of this it’s gonna go back to
Joe Fowers who designed this particular
model for Condor. He’s gonna test it in
the desert at Las Vegas during shot show
2018 and then we’re gonna give it away
to you guys
so watch till the end this will be fun
hey my name is Aaron and I run the
YouTube channel Gideonstactical and I
just got an awesome package from Blade
HQ and Joe Flowers let’s take a look at
what’s inside. All right what do we got
going on here
Fox hide or something oh man
the Condor Undertaker Bowie we’re gonna
have some fun with this! Really excited
to use this Bowie today to build a
Swedish torch style fire. Benefits to
this style of fire is that you don’t
need a lot of wood it burns straight up
so you’re not having to constantly put
more fuel on the fire and you can cook
right on top of it so let’s go ahead and
get to it
massively this doesn’t good yeah so now
that I’ve chopped it down to a
reasonable size you just stack them in a
ring like this you could use rocks kind
of around them if you’re having a hard
time standing them up you can even wrap
paracord or something like that in the
center I have a gap that we’re just
gonna stuff full of tinder and then
we’re gonna light that thing and hope it
will just burn right up and really work
so there you have it a different way to
make a fire a sweet torched style fire
that will use less fuel when you’re out
there in a survival situation and now to
attach the one must have survival item
cotton L fresh care wipes so that when
nature calls you’ll have something to
take care of that
alrighty all packaged up off to the next
one so there’s a little bit of
contention on how you say this word
we’re going to walk around shacho here
and we’re going to see what the pros
think how do you say the name of this
knife that is a bowie knife bowie knife
bowie knife
Alrighty then.
let’s take a look at this
oh my god that’s not a knife this is a
knife how do folks Andy Tran here with
Innerbark Outdoors and blade HQ in this
video I’m going to show you how to make
a friction fire using the hand drill
method the tool that I’m going to be
using is the Condor Undertaker Bowie
knife so with my fire board I’m going to
start a pilot hole near the edge of the
piece of wood now my spindle it’s gonna
rest inside the pilot hole and we’re
gonna spin this nice and fast just like
if we were gonna try the actual attempt
of the fire
and then will this take pieces wood and
then we’ll shave it off and I’ll be a
little fire pan
all right so that is how to make a fire
using the hand drill method I decided to
send Joe Flowers some Johnnies some
non-lubricated kind these also have a
lot of survival applications as they can
carry lots and lots of water to expand
Joe I hope you enjoy these stay safe out
there in the deserts of Nevada
hey alright guys so I’m the last man to
get the knife about 24 hours from now
I’m gonna be getting on a plane and
heading to shot show got a note from
Joe flowers we got lots and lots of
packing peanuts I told you there was a
lot and here’s the knife so I’ve got a
short amount of time before the Sun Goes
Down to put the knife to use and to show
you a skill and what we’re gonna talk
about is fire making it in particular
how to set up your fire lay so you’re
not fidgeting and messing around with
your fire once it gets going you want it
to be ready to rock and roll’s
we’re gonna get some very fine tinder
that’ll take a spark from the fire steel
things that are light and fluffy like
leaves seed heads maybe things that have
oils and here’s what your tinder bundle
is gonna look like next up we’re gonna
get some very small pieces of wood maybe
the diameter of a pencil a little bit
smaller just found a cedar tree this is
similar to something you’ll find at the
desert like a juniper tree and so I’m
gonna use this portion of the blade this
clip portion to scrape some of the bark
off it’s very good for getting a fire
started and actually keeping it going
wood collection complete let’s make a
fire let’s take a look at what we have
here you can see the wood I put down to
get the fire up off the snow our tinder
bundle I’ve got a bunch of feather
sticks there over here you can see I
used what I think is a tee trans deer
pelt that he sent with the knife to keep
these sticks up up off the snow and I’ve
got some smaller sticks medium getting a
little bit bigger and then my largest
sticks here so let’s get a fire started
right now
so this is the idea once it gets going
it should feed itself and get really
Rocking as you guys saw this did pretty
much all the tasks I needed it to do it
did some big chopping and then did some
small work all the way down to making
feather sticks my next job is to pack up
the knife head up the shot show 2018
deliver this knife to Joe Flowers and
he’s gonna head out into the desert and
use it we’re in Las Vegas the trick now
is to go find Tim no first you got to
find Joe then we got to find Tim Joe was
somewhere in the sands Convention Center
Tim is off in the woods somewhere in
Heather Knight and we’re in some parking
garage at Treasure Island it looks like
all sorts of different weird stuff so do
you have the knife no Tim has the knife
no we’re good all right we’re gonna find
the way to the mountain and we’re gonna
come find your red Kia track your boots
down in the snow and find the bowie
knife is that right okay I think from
this text and then your instructions
here we’ll be able to find it
oh and you’re gone Tim this is gonna be
an adventure guys
well we’re on Mount Charleston we’re
looking for red Kia we think Tim came up
this road but we’re not a hundred
percent so I smell like it right now it
doesn’t smell like him and we haven’t
seen a single red Kia yet
We found the Kia!
there’s an orange bandana I think that
pimp right up there
so we now have the knife the next thing
we need to do is look at what the other
guys have put on there well we
definitely got a Ferro rod here a big
one too like we got condoms here condoms
okay how would you use these in a desert
situation Oh big time water really Joe
let’s find out all right guys let’s try
all right all right 12 ounces
oh we got some butt wipes we’re out in
the desert there’s a lot to wipe your
butt with so this somebody really really
thoughtful okay would you ever use this
if you had to pick we use this as a
survival knife or not well before I
start chopping with this and really
using it I’d say no but now that I have
started gonna use it absolutely
it’s easy to do small knife chores with
a big knife but it’s hard to do big
knife chores with a small knife I’m able
to chop and that’s what it’s all about
right now beautiful let’s chop it man
alright let’s go Chop it!
Tell me what you were thinking when you
designed this night classic Bowie meets
modern Bowie okay so there’s a lot of
things going on in this knife duct tough
our classic Plain Jane coffin style
handle we have more of a modern flip
point this is a clip point that has more
of a curve on it and stuff so rotten it
doesn’t with a curl this is like the
worst whatever to work with this is like
the smallest fun stick I’ve ever made I
don’t know if that will catch or not but
we’re gonna try it for fun and profit
yeah more different material sorry guys
I’m just getting some of the mish metal
in there is just stuff acts like
magnesium alright so this wasn’t exactly
a one stick fire but we adapted because
the trees were really really crumbly out
here we decided to try and just make an
all-natural fire really really quick
with some of the various plants Center
out here and that worked out real real
well there was some pine over there that
we tried with the one stick fire but it
was so so crumbly it didn’t want to curl
up it was kind of interesting I never do
this rock or knife bad idea why am I
still doing this cuz I don’t feel like
going to go get a big wooden guitar
sorry YouTube sorry Internet.
having any
knife is gonna be useful for survival
any edge will give you the edge over all
other living things
alright guys we’ve been out and tested
the Undertaker Bowie designed by Joe
Flowers and made by Condor knives what
do you think Joe do the work the
it works for survival I was completely
impressed with it because I didn’t
really design it for that but with a
hollow grind and about 10 inches long
steel at the end of this baby
it was very multi faceted in the multi
use that’s solid so guys if you have not
subscribed to all of the channels that
collaborated on this go check out
Gideonstactical as well as Innerbark
Outdoors and everyday tactical video
where can they find you?
we’re on YouTube as well and Facebook
definitely on Facebook and Instagram
Condor tool and knife. Now guys we have
beat this and we want to give it away so
we’re gonna do a giveaway with this
knife tell us in the comments what
survival skill you’d like to see us test
or teach in the future and we will give
this away in the coming weeks by the way
the place to buy Condor knives and Bowie
and bowie knives is thanks
guys we’ll have another video coming out
for you next week

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