11 thoughts to Survival Gear Must Haves Best Price To Buy At 22:49

  1. that rattle you hear when starting the truck is the timing chains, im a mechanic and the 5.4 liter has a BIG problem with timing chains stretching and causing that rattle

  2. There is nothing sexier than a man who reads instructions LOL… great video , glad it worked as I need to buy one and very intrested in this series you talked about so going to try to track it all down… Thanks again!

  3. I noticed you did nothing diferent both times u connected it but yet the first time the red and green didn't stop blinking…im having the same issue with mine…I can't get that stable green light, it works when it wants to reguardless of battery charge

  4. Oh my god, could you just get to the point! Half the video is you bumbling around. If I had a rope I'd hang myself!