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  1. Always nice to watch a new Beast great review! I really appreciated that you tested for a year before actually filming the review. So many other reviewers expedite review videos, which can lead to missing things. Thanks for doing your due diligence, Beast!

  2. After your xtar review, that's all I use. It's wonderful. I use the ti3, but with the lithium ion 3.4v aaa version batteries (I think they're 14400) I could have the 4's in the wrong spot could be 10440.) the light gets hot, but I don't use it long enough to have it be a problem. For me, so far so good. It's always good to see in using a beast approved light. Thanks for the review. Keep it up!

  3. Got mine about a month ago. The pocket clip broke right out of the box on mine. I put a split ring on it off of one of my SAK'S and tied a small lanyard on it instead. It's already survived an accidental cycle in the washing machine and didn't even miss a beat. Love it so far. I carried a microstream for four or so years and went through 3 of them in that time, I think this one will outlast them. We shall find out. Great review, Sir..

  4. my thunight`s twister faild after 8 month so … not so impressed after that . now u can shake it on and of and go thru the modes. before i liked it alot .

  5. Getting tired of everyone getting paid and then spamming YT with… BUY THE TI3.. Theres plently of other great cheaper torches out there.

  6. Kudos to you on testing this for nearly a year, but I wouldn't expect anything less from you : ) I do value and trust your opinion in regards to reviews.
    Also, good to hear that this product has worked well for you.
    There are ALOT of thrunight videos out there that are hardly reviews. I received 2 lights from them a while back and both had issues. I don't enjoy doing negative reviews, but had to be honest with what I saw.

  7. Cool lights. I've got a couple that I've never reviewed but they're still going along with my ITP's and Maratacs. EDC Gold for sure! Thanks beast!