10 thoughts to Survival Gear Must Haves How Can I Shop At 8:43

  1. wats the deal with flashlights, there not flash and there not lites, KOSMO KRAMER

  2. sorry ,i must say,but its not water proof ,i run down to a river and the water get inside by the usb port area,same thing happen with another nitecore i have before mh 27,and the maker never respond my mails or complains,but besides that is a great flash light

  3. BIG MISTAKE TO BUY ANYTHING FROM THIS COMPANY!!!!. I purchased a NiteCore EAX Hammer and after one year and 15 minutes of use the flashlight locked in the on position. I never dropped and took extremely good care of the flashlight. I sent flashlight off to have warranty repair done and the flashlight was gone from March 28th.2016 to Nov 16th,2016. Guess what no service center in the USA so had to be shipped to China where this company is from. To top this off my flashlight is all beat up and has scars and nicks all over and before the flashlight was MINT(!!!!!!!!) let me say loudly MINT!!!!! and now it looks like it has been thrown around a truck cargo area;THIS WAS A NIGHTMARE!!!!!!

  4. 450 dollars? why not save your money and get the X100 military flashlight for FREE? just sayin.. you can find that and a lot more stuff for FREE (shipping cost only) here: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wXpKeLN_xlsDQvYxsrtNl3gOQt6PM54b1HYToMwMsPY/edit?usp=sharing

  5. en Argentina sale 18.000 lo que apenas gana un policía al mes 🙁

  6. Nice,btw buddy ,can you tell me pls how much do you paid for it? Because in my country,Argentina the price in some places are little more than 1000US dollars. Thanks!

  7. Don't want to see your intro. Drop it, get right to the review. & your demo didn't clearly show it's lighting capability. Complete crap video

  8. $349 retail?! It’d have to double as a flesh light and give me a buzz every time I used it