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  1. There are different threats dependent on your location in Australia, in South West WA our biggest threat would be dehydration in Summer and in some circumstances, hypothermia in Winter, bushfire is also a risk, flooding not so much, if at all. With bushfire, evacuation plans to a safe area are essential and these are very dependent on fire travel direction, a bug out bag is important but secondary to immediate survival in the case of bushfire. Bug out bag contents are very subjective to location, season and risk and should be tailored for those situations. An urban bug out bag should probably be very, very different in contents to a remote location bag also for instance

  2. Hey mate, great video. Just wondering why you used the usgi bivy as opposed to the Australian version? Thanks mate

  3. you'll find the Cold Steel shovel to be many times more useful than any machete, kukri or hatchet. Pair it with a Crunch mulitool and some saber saw blades, to be held by the visegrip of the crunch. Chopping is noisy, inefficient and dangerous. it is to be avoided whenever possible. i replaced the phillps, file and SS serrated blade of the tool with carbon steel real deal knife and file blades. I alterd the medium flathead screwdriver into a hook/scoop knife/gouge and the small flathead into an awl. One of the file blades has a chisel head. NOW it's a useful tool in the bush. Around house, car or my job, I can have a REAL tool set. So the multi-tool is strictly for when/where bulk and weight are huge issues. The shovel's ferrule has been altered, to be much stronger and able to be taken apart and re-assembled without tools. So has the Crunch. So I can use one of the file blades to sharpen the knife, if need be. The other one fits the teeth of the saw blades.

  4. convert a monofilament net, 50×10 ft, 2" mesh, 1lb, $20. into a hammock by folding it 3x, gather the ends with mule tape, and sleep on it sideways, with 4 stakes to flatten it out a lot. It will catch at least 10x as many fish as any rod/reel will do and it will do so while you sleep or do other things. 500 sq ft of netting can catch fowl, rabbits, etc, too. I've used it as insulation, inside of my clothing. Ditto the bugnet bags, 4×8 ft each, 1/4 lb each. . When you're done fishing with the net, it will stink. So you'll have to dig a pit, line the pit with a tarp or poncho, line the poncho with sand or gravel, fill the pit with water,add hardwood ashes, and stone boil the net for a bit, to kill the stink. Watch out, you can melt/weaken your net in this manner.

  5. the net can of course be cut up and then woven back together, to get any dimension or shape that you need. If you fold it over and tie every other mesh, it becomes 1" mesh, for catching small fish. it works best as a baited net-weir, in my opinion, overall. But sometimes, it's best used as a seine. or as two of them. One blocks the stream, as you move the other net down to the first one. Or you cut it in half lengthwise, join the 5 ft wide halves into 100 ft of length. If you're on the sea, look for a narrow inlet. Bait the head of that inlet for fish, and know where the water is 4 ft high at high tide, and dry at low tide. , where you can use the net (and maybe some local debris) to close the mouth of the inlet at high tide. When the tide goes out, all of the fish shoreward of your net will belong to you! 🙂 If that's too many to eat/process, you can hold them in a pen or pool, or return them to the sea. They're stupid, you can catch them again the next day, if they're not migrating or some predators' dont get them.

  6. look into having a fanny pack AND a day pack. There's several advantages to this set up. They can be emptied out and used as padding/insulation, if packed wtih debris or sand. Some Contractor's trash bags will protect them from getting filthy or wet in the rain. I"ve used them as anchor points for my ridgeline, when I didn't have my trekking poles, a rifle, or any wood with which to do so. I fold and roll up my sleep/shelter system and any un-worn clothing and wedge-tie it between the packs, so that it serves as a pack frame.

  7. MRES are expensive, heavy, bulky. I use jerky, trail mix, instant oatmeal, powdered milk, Tang. If I'f not in a lot of heat, I'll take a nut butter, maybe some jelly. The oatmeal is to keep your guts moving. Long term, you'll have no choice but to have lots of food cached at your BOL. The game and fish will all be gone in a couple of months. Youll have to have non-hybrid seeds, and experience with sprouting and root veggies, or you'll starve to death. This issue is not quite as bad in Australia as it is for the US but your lack of guns is a very, very bad thing. Ditto if you can't get concealable armor and night vision. i plan to stay hidden all day, for at least a year after shtf..