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election results sparks protests how to stay safe in civil unrest or in a protest situation
prepping for hurricanes, tornadoes, winter storms, fires, floods, earthquakes, civil unrest
hi it’s AlaskaGranny
the election is over and we think a new day is dawning
yet if you look at the news there is civil unrest
breaking out all over our country
what can you do to stay safe if you find your self
in a civil unrest or protest situation
an angry mob of people
throwing a tantrum
and can’t accept the results
what can you do to stay safe
to remain safe in the event of civil unrest or violent protests in your community
outbreak of violence
over elected the next president of the united states
we have the right to protest
and we have the right of freedom of speech
but we are supposed to do it in a non violent way
the right to protest in America
should be done peacefully and lawfully
unfortunately that is not true
in many of our cities and communities across America
there are a lot of people who are feeling frustrated
and feel that they are unheard
so then when an event occurs that gets people riled up
upset angry
crowds will gather people will come in mass
in anger and frustration
things can get completely out of hand
out of control
the frustration leads to
lashing out
leads to a crowd mentality that anything goes
and people who wouldn’t normally do
violent things
on their own
get caught up in a crowd mentality
and can be swept away
in the moment
if you find that you are
in the middle of civil unrest
if violent protests come to your community
get out of the area as quickly and safely as possible
the best defense is probably to hunker down
in your own home
steer clear of any crowds or protests
in the out of doors
you need to realize that
law enforcement can not be there
to help you
they are going to be busy
trying to get control of the crowds and the uprisings going on somewhere else
in your community
realize that law enforcement could be completely outnumbered
and totally unable to protect anything
let alone anyone
they can be unable to control because of the sheer numbers of protestors
that can also lead to the military sending in the National Guard
which can cause violence civil unrest and protests to escalate
initially before it can be brought under control
you do not want to be outside
in your community or trying to get to
food or water or other supplies
you need to stay in your home shelter in place
hope that you have prepared
so that you can stay in the safety of your home
until the violence protests uprisings pass
and things return to normal
died down and it is safe to go out again
know that this can happen anywhere
and realize that it is up to you
to make sure that
you have enough food water sanitation
first aid sanitation supplies
and anything that you would need
if you had to stay in your home for several days or
even several weeks
make sure that you are
stockpiling things while they are readily available
so that no matter what comes along
you know that you and your family will be all right
safe and be okay
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Survival Gear Must Haves Where Can I Shop

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  1. Situational awareness is EVERYTHING. Know your environment. Stay informed and never stop prepping.

    Thanks for posting this, +AlaskaGranny!

  2. Having lived in NY … in rural upstate I know how quickly things can happen, Im hoping for bad weather, Cold ,Rain ,Sleet ,Snow and people will get fed up and go home. I always wonder when I see this stuff….Dont they go to work?

  3. Your so right,I live in the suburbs but I can imagine if the dollar collapses, every town will be crazy when there are food shortages,