Survival Gear Must Haves Where To Buy

It is fun. The thing i like about
snowshoeing is just getting of the trail. Are you join us for this
gear review… you can…. it’s fine
You don’t even need to… if you don’t want to say
much but…. Yeah. Alright…. I am… Cody’s like, No.
I’m taking my chair away. I… some guy eating
noodles while you guys are going through
the equipment. Tyson is like all all set
to go here. I’m not going to go through
all my camera gear but this is my secret
camera bag filled with all my equipment.
And so mostly what I carry is actually
camera gear and I supplement with
survival gear. And so I carry my
multi-tool, of course, have my watch with
the compass, phone with compass, and
texting if.. or calls if possible, often its
not possible….
beacon. I’m using this inflatable water
bottle right now.
And microphone not part of my survival… a water
purifier SteriPEN, ultraviolet water
purifier, headlamp, food and survival
blanket. Thank you, Tyson for radios on
this trip.
My stabilizer or camera. and I’ll do another review about this…
…. this is a sony a6300
which i love and hate… and a Couger 45
i’m carrying just two clips with me
because with that magazine
I mean magazine say yeah and with me um
because if they’re just heavy, they are a lot
extra weight…. and that’s pretty much
everything I’m carrying on this trip.

What are you carrying Tyson? Again like he
was saying I brought the radios first
aid kit
snake bite kit, I didn’t really expect to
find anything at this far west.
I think I did see a snake it or heard it.
Really? There are timber
rattlers around here which is really
unusual for…. Seems pretty cold….
yeah but the rocks can get so hot, yeah,
it’s basically like a desert. Yesterday it
was really cool but I’m pretty sure
I saw one. Yeah, well, I’m glad I brought it.
Flint and steel of magnesium,
life straw, lots of mosquito repellent, emergency
whistle, trail tape, some extra extra tape
for the first aid, various flashlights,
compass, multi-tool. Forgot I brought that.
Sleeping bag, emergency sleeping bag, this
knife… protection…. also any easy one
to make a spear out of if you need to, extra
battery discharges both the radios and
my phone, I was using my phone for the
GPS. I use open…. its OSMAD… and it’s
basically open street maps offline. GPS
at works we ran a GPX track. which you
can upload open street maps. or any other
standard GPS or GIS software, mace. I
think there’s a little bigger for
possibly cats. They’re out of the bear mace.
Gloves. Thought about bringing two pairs
of gloves. It did tear… this is just pig
skin looks pretty thin… ended up tearing
a little bit of this inside the cave, a
big water bottle and a pack.
I think that’s It. Yeah. If it’s
colder weather I will carry more layers
with me…. a lot more layers…. but with the
emergency blanket and the layers I had
with me I had enough to stay warm.
One thing I want to that I really like, which
is really simple, somebody was commenting
well that’s… you know… you could have a
lot better compass and I… this… the main
reason I have this is… mines down in the
rig…. is for the whistle,
are out there and everything else fails
you just can’t yell for a long time.
You’ve got maybe 15 minutes… an hour
or an hour be a long time, you’d be
completely hoarse whereas you can just
breathe through one of these and and
sound a whistle and it’s very…. it’s going
to carry a lot farther than your voice
in a lot of cases. Just an amazing tool
to have with you especially a multi-tool
like this where you do have a compass
and as far as a compass, you know I am
not trying to track down points, you know,
if I’m using my compass for survival. I
just need to have a general heading that
I know I’m going in a certain direction.
And really for survival when you’re
going to want to stay stay put and so a
lot of times I just want something that
the easy access and good that I can
glance at and if I have this hook to my
vest or jacket I can just say okay I’m
headed north or south or Eastern what
that’s the heading I want to go. I’m, yeah…
so…. I don’t know, I think it’s a great little
multi-tool. Interesting thing
about mace – my brother was mentioning
this… I hadn’t heard this recently,
He was saying that people are saying
it’s better to have bear mace actually and
you use the bear mace first, that’s more
effective, yeah there’s more instances
successful warding of large animals with
mace versus actual guns,
at least statistically. I think that’s
interesting and you know I think it’s a
really good tool to have with you and
more effective and something I would
like to add to my… my tool bag… but I do
collapsible types of water bags like this
too because it’s way lighter than any
other sort of container. As you drink it
it can it loses space, so you don’t have
something as bulky hanging around and I
can use my SteriPEN in here so it back
up as well so I think that’s just a
really cool functional thing. I’m not
going to boil water in it, but, you know, that’s okay.
Oh here’s another knife, and another knife.
he pulls out. I really do need to get
a flint too…. a flint and steel. Cody actually
brought the real
waterproof matches here. Heat
can just be so it’s so important and
I’ve always been kind of opinion that
you know something happens I just need
to truck out of there but if you have a
broken leg you can’t do that it’s at
least as fast or potentially not at all,
but also if you run out of food for some
reason your body can’t, even if you’re
keeping in motion, it won’t have the
combination, you won’t have the energy to
keep going to keep your body temperature
up. I know I’m just usually always
hot because I”m moving quite a bit when I’m out
here, and so that heat having a fire
source can be really important before
everything starts going wrong. That is…
the story behind those it’s kind of funny,
yeah I can see it on the blade, I think,
it says, like, yeah, it’s a wedding gift….
That’s kind of what I want to got to.
Yeah well he gave thim to the the groomsmen
before the wedding and his brother
promptly opens it in cuts his thumb.
He had to go in and get some… I don’t
think he had stitches, but he cut it
really deep. I was like Ryan, you give
those to the gift like that after the
wedding, but this one well that’s exactly
what happened I was uh actually got
something to get the driver away from
the knife because so many of them like
right here and you’re like oh then you
got the ball nubs on the side. I bought the
SOG tomahawk and it had that tight
plastic six plastic thing around it and
as you know I’m tearing it open and
there wasn’t… it was just like this
little nubby thin blade protector on
but my thumb just went…
push that thing off and that thing was
razor-sharp. I was
like why did they package it that way
because it has a nice nylon holder that
it comes with. I really I have a hard
time… cuase usually everything’s too safe
trusting knives, like this like this
feels a little down that is a little
weak. yeah yeah. Compared to some otheres.
This one pretty good yeah this
one here I trust this one a lot more but
that’s because you got to push on the back.
You can’t have a switchblade, but you can have that.
My brother has given me the majority of
my (knives you’ve got a lot of knives)
which I appreciate. My dad has given me one or two too. And I have my own.
This has become one of my favorite,
well I went on a trip recently, I didn’t take it with me,
but I like how everything slides out really easy.
What else. I guess that’s the main thing. I guess we should have
talked about the Repel.
Did it work? Cus it’s deet free,
it’s kind of like this new
I didn’t use the Repel. Did you use the Repel. I use just the
Cutter, I think. This stinks, it works
this smells sweet and it seems to work.
Oh yeah I use the Cutter this is this
house deet …deet free? yeah that’s there
deet free. It did it did work. And those
mosquitoes were bad. Yeah, down by
that thing, when I when when I decided to
go up to the road,
I mean good grief, I was just getting
swarmed like mosquitoes, like if, I was
going to come back to you I was about
ready to pull out more I’m sorry myself
again yeah they’re just awful.
Buck. Yeah, I was…. they were getting really
bad where I was, that was just
a really horrible space down there. Hard
to see. I mean somebody could be in there…
I wonder what that was like, I mean
that creek had to be flowing
super strong, but yet somebody couldn’t
be washed down, I wouldn’t think.
Well if the storm of the centry or whatever.
They crossed it during the search.
I spent a ton of time going through… trying to get
so I could like…. have this more
compartmentalize inside there so it’s
not just crashing around. mm-hmm. I went all over the place
In the
cosmetic section they have like bag kind
of like this, but they’re like $6. In the
camping area they had one but they were
like they’re too big, I mean, I have three
sizes and the one size would have been great
and it was $6. I went into the school
section and found these which you’re
supposed to go in a binder, mm-hmm and
they were like, I think it was $2.00.
That was as cheep asI can find them. Interesting. But
it’s just…. I wanted to be able to
have things held together a little
better. yeah. That’s a good idea. Yeah I need to
get a bigger… I’d like a bigger camera
because I need everything padded… yeah…
like all my gear padded, but I need to
keep my… keep it separate especially you don’t
want a knife… it’s in a pad here, but
some things you don’t want clanking together.
Okay, the story behind this knife is funny too. It’s a first production run.
it’s numbered. I don’t know if that means
anything it’s a Smith & Wesson. I
bought this in grade school
from a kid for $30. Behind
the school in the playground. It’s
a secret knife deal? I don’t know sounds
like it. yeah.
It’s Smith and Wesson. That kind of reminds me my dad tells
stories of growing up in eastern Montana
and it was just normal to bring your
rifle to school. What? That’s weird and he
said you know back in those days getting
in fist fights was… standard…. standard
well he stayed out of trouble he’d
wrestle or get in a fist fight once a
month or a couple times a month. huh. you
know. even if you weren’t a troublemaker.
right. Just like, you know,different
era. It was just normal to bring your rifle
to school and hunt on your way in or
on your way out. Where was this at?
Eastern Montana. So, uh, he, he’s like, you
know, we brought our guns to school and
left with them and got in fistfights
which, never even thought about mixing up
the two. I think that generation has a
lot more like, guns or for hunting,
I think, more than like my uncle
perhaps nowadays it younger generations… You know my uncle,
lifelong Democrat,
yeah huge gun collection, yeah thinks
nothing of it, yeah. I think that the
people nowadays, with kids and not
necessarily have that mindset maybe I
don’t know. Maybe the kids back then did
well there’s so little about guns
especially on TV it’s more prevalent
where guns are used for running and
shooting other people and other people,
rather than a tool, yeah, speaking a tool
with your USB could that be like a
multi-purpose thing. I’m sure it could.
Couldn’t you strangle bear with this or
something. yes. Create a snare.
Snare bear.

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