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  1. I've been using the same two surefire 2x 123 Taclights for the last 13 years. All I've ever needed

  2. Great points! I live rural, so the output and throw of most "tactical" flashlights aren't quite enough for what we need, since we're more likely to encounter a four-legged threat than the two-legged variety. We have an Ozark Trail (Walmart brand) 900 Lumen spot light, that has all the features you mentioned. Unfortunately, it does have some logistical shortcomings surrounding the proprietary battery inside. I still EDC my old MagLite LED Mini-Mag, it may not be "tactical", but I've beaten the crap out of it and it still functions flawlessly.

    My wife got me the Thrunite TN-15 tactical spotlight for Christmas, and it is awesome! I mounted it to my Mossberg… 🙂

  3. I have been taking martial arts for 11 years and currently I live in Europe for school were it is illegal to carry any type of weapon. But you can carry a flashlight. A lot of people underestimate blinding a person with light in a fight.