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  1. Thumbs-up, but I do think that in a serious survival situation the most important tool you could have is a cell phone with a charged battery and some sort of mobile battery charger. Or if you you're going to be out of network some sort of beacon.

  2. what are you going to boil water in?  be careful when ur giving potential life and death information  remember the 5 C's always

  3. Quase sempre não se fala da roupa que se veste como item de sobrevivência, e nem os itens que já tem no bolso.

  4. i like the extra food tip, if you get delayed[weather] and have to spend an extra night, you will need all the energy you can get.  also you might not want to pack all you fire starter in the same bag- just in case the bag gets lost.

  5. Why do you need a knife? The only thing I can think of is removing splinters which you can do with scissors tips.