12 thoughts to Survival Gear Near Me Buy Retail Nearby At 17:45

  1. If I got this, I would demand a refund. Way overpriced. $65 for a bow drill kit?! No way!

  2. I was waiting for you to light your box in fire when you were striking your fire striker over the packaging. lol. I have my bow drill make out of a wooden hanger. With a wooden hanger you already have your bow and your spendle.

  3. Looks pretty cool to me!
    No, it does not *Reek/Stink…thinking of signing up!
    Gonna check out battle box first for comparison as I just heard about that one…not sure which one is best…but the ApocaBox looks like a good value.
    BTW….great presentation!

    Doesn't *Reak either 😉
    1. A rush.
    2. A prank

  4. If your looking for the exact spear kit thing that Dave gets in the video, it is called "Hawke Arrowhead set" for $16

  5. $65 bow drill kit!!?? I got one at my local scout office for about $10 when i was a kid, nearly exactly the same