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  1. You are the man bud! I tried the other no holes easy alcohol stove that i love but… this type of fule is awesome or heet thanks million.

  2. Great design. We are delighted. Simple.
    We suggest:
    Use bench vise press with 3"wood buffers to squeeze pieces?
    Pot stand for stability
    & snuffer from chafing dish alcohol burner for safety?

    How would we make Trangia alcohol stove from chafing dish alcohol burner???
    Perhaps an insert with the side holes, & spacer to raise burner to the 1" ideal space
    between burner to pot
    (with screw adjust).
    Chafing dish stand (or fondue stand) becomes pot stand.
    We can cook with the fondue pot as well.
    (Fondue & chafing are simmer-style low heat designs).
    Finally, small screw at bottom of burner allows draining fuel left in stove?

  3. Good stove.
    But, you wasted two minutes of fuel waiting for your stove to bloom. You should ALWAYS use about a ml around the outside to prime a side burner. Your boil could have been 4'30" instead of 6:30. By priming the stove, you can cut your bloom time to 15-30 seconds. Not only in cold temps, but every time you use the stove. You will also cut your fuel usage from 25ml to 18ml. That equates to one extra boil per trip, carrying the same amount of fuel.
    ALWAYS prime a side burner.

  4. 99% alcohol is more fuel efficient, so you burn less fuel than Yellow Heet, but it was a close contast. The alcohol was faster boiling up the 2 cups of water too.

  5. Damn all the comments are you're dumbass and this is not a dollar i haven't seen these for that price and plus you need to buy fuel to fuel the stove then you need tools to make it sooo yeah not a dollar

  6. Perhaps, a little wicking material around the bottle neck and inside the outer base might make it easier when finished with boil.

  7. I made this today and had an epic fail because I think my fuel is crap. I bought it from Big 5 sporting goods. It is a gallon of genetic camp fuel. They didn't have heat or denatured. I'll try it again after I get a different type of fuel. I also have that mess kit.