15 thoughts to Survival Gear Niche How Can One Purchase At 21:42

  1. I have slept in the woods with only a knife and a rag that I used to crush coals to filter water into my bottle. I used the plank with dry tinder to get a fire going. And I slept surrounded by blackberry bushes because animals hate the thorns. It's not the most comfortable living but my best advice is to hone your own natural skills. Skills used by the natives since the dawn of time.

  2. i dont like emergency kits with lock blades as illegal in the UK. Plus all such kits should be in a TIN to boil water to purify it or have a brew. Wanna tell me one of these kits where the compass really works? And can the flints be replaced…. no proper use otherwise. No offence but your review is not hitting the fundamental issues.

  3. In other words, for the masses that don't have the survival skills to survive in a survival situation anyway. LOL!

  4. The fact that you even took the time to review this piece of crap completely discredits your channel. It's like you just review things you get paid by the company to review. Gimmicky junk.

  5. "I recommend this product:
    So grateful it exists in 2020."

  6. The compass already has a bubble in it! Not worth buying I would say. The bubble makes the compass harder to use.

  7. Only thing this kit is good for if you get lost in your back yard you could use the flashlight to find back door. What trash
    Just saying
    ✌️👉 😎