13 thoughts to Survival Gear Niche Where Can I Purchase At 20:38

  1. This is an oldie I somehow missed. One thing I might add as far as the blanket. If "Mom" doesn't want you to take a blanket from the house something I use for multiple purposes is moving blankets from Harbor Freight. I don't know if you have them there but they are everywhere here. Their 7' by 80" blankets are $8 most times. I picked up 2 yesterday on sale. Their uses are unlimited and surprisingly warm. Many times I put one down over one of their small $3 tarps as a ground sheet and pad. Then warp up in another. Just an other alternative. Thanks a lot for your time in making the videos and great ideas.

  2. I seen this a couple years ago, I had to see it again, thank you million for this video, absolutely perfect

  3. Wayne, Watched the other Dollar Store videos as well. Very good !Thank you very much

  4. Hello my friend. Thank you for sharing this fine video. You always do fine job in your presentation. Be safe out there.

  5. This one of the best videos cause it shows people you really don't need expensive gear to go out and enjoy nature. once you get hooked on camping and enjoying nature then you spend a lot of money lol . that's with any hobby not just camping though forsure.

  6. Thanks Kull. A good demonstration of how to to get started and hang out in the woods on the cheap for a night. Good thinking for the meals.