13 thoughts to Survival Gear Niche Where Can I Shop At 8:49

  1. think of something no one has made.and people want.to buy.and you can get rich..some simple little thing,s have made people very rich.cheers

  2. Very nice Malcolm, you are putting those together like a pro now. I think that setup is ready to be used out in the woods now. Great job and thanks for showing us how you did it.

  3. Awesome,you took it and made it your own. I know it will get alot of use in the bush.

  4. Love all your videos. The best parts are you working with what you have. Like this video for instance. You didn't have the right Chicago Screws so you just used rivets, and they looked great. Use what you have. Thats what it's all about. Thanks

  5. Great workMalc.
    how many subs you getting a day now? mine have started going up again after daily uploads, our trailer swap, and the subs annotations on the top 5 videos.

  6. hot nail would make webbing easy to put hole in ! it would also seal the strands so webbing wouldnt come apart

  7. Nice, going to try my hand at a kydex sheath for a Silky BIGBOY2000 hand saw here when it arrives. I only recommend taking those mushrooms off the punches and chisels when you get a chance, they should have a slight bevel from the shaft to the hitting end to keep pieces from flying off if you give it a good smack!

    Judging by the accent I'm guessing your knife has probably been turned in as it's deemed tooooo dang dangerous in that country.. LOL man I'm glad I don't live in the UK anymore!