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What’s up Guys, How are you all doing?
For Todays Video i’m going to put to the Test this little Survival Tool.
It’s a Fire Starter, Flashlight with a Knife.
And also there is a Special Container for your Kindling.
Let’s see what it’s all about.
First of all im going to get a Couple of Twigs.
And shave of some little shavings of the Wood.
So that way it will be really easy to start a Fire.
Let’s see what it’s all about.
Right here First of all there is a little Flashlight.
One Mode Right here.
Brighter Mode.
And a Flashing Mode.
We’re gonna Test it in the Dark in a little bit.
First of all im gonna put to the Test the most important Part. Right here is a Flint. BOOM!
And right here is a Knife that we are going to use to Strike it.
This umm Striker it’s not a Flint i meant it’s a Striker.
I’m gonna shave it off this Black Paint.
So. Whow!
That actually Strikes a lot.
That’s really good.
Using the Knife, we’re just going to open this Part right here. BOOM!
And inside right here, it comes with two Firestarters, Kindlings.
So im gonna use the Knife to pop one out.
Then i’m gonna close this back up.
What im going to do is fluff this up a little bit.
You can even use the Knife.
Look how well it fluffs up.
I don’t know what exactly Material this is, but this is Awesome.
Let’s Strike it, and see what happens.
Whow, instantly. You see it’s burning already.
Then i’m going to put the Twigs right on Top of it,
that i shaved off.
Shaved up.
We don’t wanna put to much, we’re wanna put really small ones because we don’t wanna
Umm, suffocate this Fire.
And all we have to do is just continue adding bigger Twigs and bigger Sticks.
Just like these ones, maybe in half smaller than that, and we got our self a Fire.
Pretty Awesome.
This Knife is pretty Durable, definitely can use it for a few Things, it’s pretty thick as well it’s not very skinny so hopefully it’s not going to Break.
Actually this Button right here, it releases the Knife, and also it’s easier to put it in.
Right now its kinda Hard to pull it out, but when you press on it, it comes out a lot easier.
So is when you putting it in, it’s a lot easier. So that’s Super Cool, I love that a lot.
As you can see, that Kindling is burning for a pretty Long Time, look at that.
Very nice Kindling. Whatever it’s made from, it’s very Fluffy and really easy to start with a Spark.
And one more thing, there is a Whistle.
Very, very Powerfull Whistle, I like that a lot in case you need to make some Noise to get Somebody to hear you, Very Cool.
You know what Guys, over all i give this Gadget a thumbs Up, Really Cool.
And right here, there is a Little Clip, you can Clip it on a Belt and go Hiking with that and start a Fire whenever you need it.
And if you need a Flashlight in your Tent, you got yourself a Flashlight.
Let’s go see how Bright this Flashlight is.
Ok, we are in the Total Darkness. BOOM! Wow, this is a pretty awesome Flashlight.
Brighter Setting and the Flashing Setting. Very Cool.
Honestly pleasantly surprised about this LED Flashlight, a lot better then i thought it’s going to be, i thought it’s going to be very Weak. So very Happy with the Flashlight!

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Survival Gear Niche Where To Buy

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  1. You should test to see if the compartment for the kindling is water proof. It looks like it has a tiny rubber gasket, but you never know till you try.