13 thoughts to Survival Gear On A Budget Where Can We Shop At 16:40

  1. Thank you for sharing your tips with us my brother!
    Stay safe and keep having fun!

  2. This is great Zach! Wow! I am a noob and haven't even shot my sling yet. But, this is the way all tutorials should be made. Nice detail, and poses to help orient how I will aim and fire. Thanks again!

  3. It's actually kinda cool how much overlap there is between slingshots and firearms. Sure, the controls are different, but the basics of stance, grip, and sight alignment being the most important all match up. And it's really true about focusing in. Usually it's abbreviated to "aim small, miss small," but when I trained with guys in close protection, we aim for the X in the centre rather than the circle surrounding it, and aim for the number 5 rather than the whole T-zone.

  4. Dumb question, Zach-

    How do you secure flat bands to a tube-band design wrist rocket? I have several yokes, but I'm tired of the crap performance of these tubes! They just don't go as fast.