9 thoughts to Survival Gear On A Budget Where To Buy At 13:44

  1. they are selling this junk thing for 30-50 dollars!!!! OMG!! iv seen the exact same once a little bit bigger for around 10 euro!
    and it comes with a sheathe!! same exact thing , made in china for 50 cents..
    all of you need to realize your not buying a product your buying into the name and hype!! 50%-90% of the price is because of the brand!!, better to buy off brand u get the same quality without the price tag!!! all that shit is made in china anyways!! no matter what name you slap on it!!!..

  2. I enjoyed your comprehensive and unbiased review of the BG survival hatchet. Your presentation helped me finalize my decision to purchase one next week. I have been looking for a hatchet to replace a Case XX hatchet that I purchased in 1975 when I was 31 years old. It was a great, small, hatchet. The Gerber has almost the same dimensions but has other features that allow it to excel when comparing the two. I like the rubberized handle and the gripping notches near the head for whittling, etc. These small hatchets are great for camp chores and also as one of the most handy tools for processing game. These days if I'm out and in trouble I carry a locator beacon for some last ditch assistance. One thing that I did not get with the Case hatchet was the lifetime warrany that Gerber offers.I did subscribe to your chanel and mentally checked you as a respected presenter. Thanks