5 thoughts to Survival Gear On A Budget Where To Order At 16:45

  1. @VSSP I'd say she is more beautiful in person than on camera. She was very professional. It was very hot that day and she pressed through it to get the footage she needed. She said she learned a few things. Hope that is the case. Her camera man was also super cool. I've watched RT many times before but never really followed any of the talent. Great first experience.

  2. Very impressive, sir! I've begun prepping and you have far more skills and equipment than I do, but you've given me something to aim for.

  3. I dont like the term "Prepper". Im not a prepper. Just a dude who wants to stock up on some shit JUST INCASE. My grandfather always said "Expect the worst and you may be pleasantly surprised"

  4. It is funny, I grew up on a farm and we did a lot of what is called "prepping" today, but we were just being sensible. We had little reason to go to town so when we did, we would stock up. We grew food in our garden and canned the excess. We also bought fresh produce and canned that. We had 2 large deep freezers filled with meat and vegetables. We never worried about having food to eat. Now if the power went out water and heat were our only worries, once we installed a wood stove, heat wasn't.